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Can a Professor Change a Final Grade

Can a Professor Change a Final Grade

If you are in college you may be wondering if your professor can change a final grade. There are many different reasons why a professor may want to change a final grade. In this article, we are going to dig deep and see if a final grade can be changed by a professor.

Can a Final Grade Be Changed By A Professor?

Yes, a final grade can be changed by a professor. He is in authority where he can change a grade up or down as needed or as he sees fit.

Why Would A Final Grade Need to Be Changed?

There are so many reasons why a final grade may need to be changed. One reason is because the professor allowed a student to make some necessary changes to their work and have decided to give back points that were originally missed. Professors do this all the time.

They give a not-so-good grade because the assignment was missing important parts or pieces. The professor gives the student a chance to go in and fix the issue and then they give them their grades back;

Another reason a professor may need to change a grade is if he learns that the student did not do the work on his own. Or maybe the student used someone else’s work or copy and pasted information which leans to plagiarism. He couldn’t possibly give a good grade for cheating so it only makes sense to go back and give a lower grade.

There really is no telling why a final grade would need to be changed. A grade can be changed for the better or worse. Whether it is good or bad, a final grade may or may not need to be changed.

Can a Final Grade Be Changed At The Last Minute?

As you can imagine, a final grade has to be entered by a certain day per the school’s requirements. The school gives the professor a due date for having all final grades in. A professor submits all the grades before the deadline and he cannot change those grades.

Once those grades have been submitted I do not believe he can go back and change the grade. Up until the deadline, the professor may be able to go back and freely change the grade. But once the deadline hits, the grade is in and permanent.

Who Can Stop a Professor From Changing a Grade?

If a professor is trying to unjustly change your grade there is something you can do about it. Don’t just sit back and take harassment and unfairness on the part of the professor. If he is going to change your grade and give you a lower grade he must have a valid reason for doing so.

You may not understand the reason for his wanting to change your grade so you can talk to him about it first. Before things go any further, have a talk with the professor about your grade. Ask him where you went wrong and see if he will give you an opportunity to fix and make things right.

If the professor is not willing to help you keep a good grade but instead wants to take points off then you should contact his boss. The Department of Education is over your professor and can deal with him if he unjustifiably is trying to change your grade.

Sometimes professors are not very nice and they will try to change your grade because they think you did something wrong. If they can’t prove you did something wrong they should not be changing your grade.

Can A Final Grade Be Changed Once It Has Been Submitted?

Once a final grade has been submitted, it cannot be changed except under special circumstances. If the professor learns of misconduct such as someone cheating or lying on an exam or a paper then the professor can file for the grade to be changed.

They would likely contact the school board, explain the situation, and ultimately get the grade changed. Sometimes it may be hard for a professor to get a grade changed once it has been submitted but it is not impossible. When a final grade has been submitted before the deadline there may still be time to go back and change the grade.

If the instructor messed your grade up they would need to go back and resubmit the grade to show the new grade. This can be difficult if the due date or deadline has passed.

Can a Professor Give Another Final Grade?

A professor can give a different final grade from the one that he has already given. There could have been a misunderstanding about the grade or the assignment. Regardless, a professor has the  right to change the final grade.