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Can A Teacher Call A Student On The Phone?

Can A Teacher Call A Student On The Phone?

If you are a student you may be trying to figure out if your teacher can call you on the phone. You may be wondering if that is okay or if that is even something that happens. Let me be the first to tell you that it does happen.

Can A Teacher Call Their Student’s Phone?

Yes, a teacher can call their student’s phone. This is not unheard of and this is in fact, very normal for a teacher to call their student. Teachers call their students on the phone sometimes for different reasons that we will discuss now.

Why Would A Teacher Need to Call Their Student?

There are so many reasons why a teacher would need to call their student. I can think of a few right off the bat. One good reason for a teacher to call their student on the phone is to discuss grades.

Sometimes grades have to be put in by a certain time and that student may have missed class that day. So the teacher would want to call their student to discuss what they have to do for the grade before it is finalized. Which brings me to the next point.

A failing grade could be the reason a teacher calls a student. If the student is suspended from school and has a failing grade then the teacher would need to call him or her and tell them what they can do for extra credit to make up for the missing work or failing grade.

Also, a teacher may need to call their student if they are sick and need to do their homework from home. Some kids need guidance and tutoring which a teacher may be able to do. A teacher can have good reasons for calling their students but no one can say for sure.

Is It Appropriate For A Teacher to Call Their Student?

It is appropriate for a teacher to call their student as long as the conversation remains appropriate. Teachers can have good reasons for calling their students, whether that is to discuss grades or give guidance on a project. Most things can wait until the student goes back to school to discuss but that can be different if there is a deadline of some sort or the information is urgent or important.

Calling a student on the phone is not bad in itself. If the conversation is innocent then there is nothing wrong with a teacher calling his student. The student may actually benefit from the call.

However, when a student is talking to a teacher, parents or guardians need to be around. At least an adult should be around to supervise and make sure the conversation doesn’t take a turn for the worse. Depending on the age of the child, a call from a teacher may come across as inappropriate to some guardians or parents regardless of the situation or conversation type.

In some instances it may be appropriate for a teacher to call his student in other situations it is not. A teacher has to tread carefully.

What Can Be Done If A Teacher Calls Their Student On The Phone?

A lot can be done if a teacher calls their student on the phone. One thing that can be done is to let the student talk to his teacher while being supervised by an adult. Before giving the phone to the child, the parent or adult could ask why they are needing to speak with the child or ask what they plan to discuss.

If a teacher is calling their student on the phone for a good reason, just to discuss a project or give guidance on an assignment or even to check on the student because they haven’t been to class then that is okay. It is when things begin to get inappropriate that something has to be done.

If things are inappropriate and there is proof such as the child saying that the teacher said some things to him or her that they shouldn’t have, the teacher can be turned in to the school. When the school principal won’t do anything or tries to overlook the matter, even downplay the matter, the school board needs to be contacted.

The police should also be contacted if inappropriate conversations have happened more than once and possibly led to inappropriate behavior.

Why May It Not Be A Good Idea For A Teacher To Call Their Student?

It may not be a good idea for a teacher to call their student if the student is known for exaggerating things or telling lies. Some kids have behavioral problems and the teacher could just be calling to tell them about some work they missed but they’ll say that the teacher was flirting with them. It is lies like this that can really get a teacher in trouble and cause him or her to be arrested.

If they can speak with the parents and have the parents pass the information on to the student this may be the best route to go. No teacher should be falsely accused of anything. It can really hurt or even ruin their reputation everywhere in the town.

The teacher probably shouldn’t call the student if they don’t like each other. They may get into an argument over the phone and it could lead to a further altercation. The parents will likely take their child’s side and blame the teacher for whatever happens between them and the child.  Most teachers know what students they can and can’t reach out to and they’ll reach out to a parent instead of contacting the student directly.

Can A Teacher Call A Student At Home?

A teacher can call a student at home if he or she needs to. Sometimes students need extra help from their teachers or they have to discuss grades and this may be some of the reasons why a teacher would need to call their student.