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Can You Smoke in a Dorm Room?

Can You Smoke in a dorm room? Smoking in a dorm room won’t be allowed, even if you have a medical marijuana card. If you are someone who likes to smoke, this would be disappointing.

smoking in dorm

Do not fear. We’ve discussed the best ways to get away with it below. Most of the time, this would by masking the odors coming from your room.

Use a Vaporizer

Purchase a convection vaporizer. The temperature in the pen would be controlled, so the vapor that is released wouldn’t be as pungent. An added bonus is that vape pens are discreet. You could fool your RA into thinking it’s a stationary item.

Burn Incense

Most dorms don’t let students burn incense or candles, as they can be fire hazards. If you’re allowed to use incense, purchase it.

Get an option that isn’t too strong. Otherwise, people might get suspicious about why you’re burning incense.

Essential oil diffusers can also help mask the smell. What’s more, essential oils can help you calm down. Being a college student, you’d appreciate this.

In terms of which oils to get, the following are the most calming:

  • Ylang ylang
  • Lavender
  • Orange blossom

Make Some Popcorn

An essential oil diffuser is not the cheapest, so you may be interested in other ways to hide the odors coming from your room. Why not make popcorn? A bag of popcorn in the microwave creates a strong smell.

You could burn the popcorn too. The smell would be overpowering.

Be Under the Radar

You can also try to keep a low profile. If your RA doesn’t know that you smoke, they wouldn’t regularly check up on you. Try and befriend them. Being on good terms means that they won’t have a reason to get you in trouble.

Have Proper Ventilation

Buy a pedestal fan and aim it towards you. The smoke would exit from your window. You can make this easier by smoking right next to the window.

Watch Out for Smoke Detectors

Even if you utilize the above methods, others might be able to tell what you’re up to if you keep setting your smoke detector off. Prevent it from beeping by covering it with a plastic bag.

Always remember to take the plastic bag off. If a fire breaks out, your life could be in danger. Also, your residential assistant would get suspicious if they see all the detectors in your room covered.

Have a Friend Help

Have a buddy be on watch for the RA or anyone that may be headed your way. You’ll be able to relax without worrying about getting caught. Your friend could inform you if someone is coming over through text.

Block the Space Under Your Door

The biggest culprit when it comes to odors escaping is the gap between your door and the floor. Place a damp towel between the opening. It would absorb any odors that may pass through.

We spoke about using your vape pen by the window. This usually works well, but you may get unlucky. Your window may be connected to a vent. Whatever you smoke would circulate through the building. Thankfully, no one would be able to tell what its source is.

Try Ghosting Your Hit

If you’re a newbie, ghosting your hit may seem impossible. However, practice makes perfect. You’ll be able to absorb whatever you exhale back.

The key to ghosting is to make sure you don’t burn your dry herbs.

Don’t Create a Ruckus

Keep it down when smoking so that whoever passes by won’t become suspicious about what’s happening.

Limit the number of people who will be smoking with you. The chances of a ruckus being made would be lower. Inviting less friends would also be smart, as people would get suspicious if they see a lot of students coming in and out of your room.

Find the Best Stash Spots

Let’s say you didn’t take the above precautions and your residential assistant is now inspecting your dorm. If you hide your stash well, they won’t have any evidence. The smartest thing would be to hide the stash in plain sight. No one would think about checking these spots.

Maybe you have a paneled ceiling? Take a panel down and place the goods inside. You could cut open a book and place the stash in it as well.

Just make sure that the goods are in an air-tight container so that no odors would leak out.

Find a Friend

You’re probably not the only one who enjoys cannabis around campus. Befriend someone else who likes to smoke. They could be an expert at not getting caught. You wouldn’t have to worry about taking so many precautions.

Buy a Glass Pipe Cleaner

Do you use a pipe? Purchase a glass pipe cleaner. Keeping your pipe clean incrases the airflow of the herb. You’ll be able to keep any odors and smells down.

Wait Till No One’s Around

At times, students would be back home and there won’t be many people in the dorms. This would be the best time to smoke. The few people in the building may not care about what you’re up to.

Should You Smoke in Your Dorm?

Considering how there are many ways to hide that you are smoking in your room, you may be wondering whether you should do it or not.

Getting caught could lead to your housing contract being terminated. Depending on where you live, the possession of cannabis may also be a crime.

Earlier, we discussed how covering your smoke detector would help. However, covering the detector is a serious offense. After all, a fire could break out and you’ll never know. You’ll be putting your life and everyone else’s at risk. If your RA sees the machine covered in plastic, your housing contract may get terminated.

Remember that dorm rooms are small. You’re not allowed to have candles, toasters, grills or anything with heating elements to reduce the risk of a fire. You will need fire to smoke. It would also be a fire hazard.

Another thing that might put your life in danger is burning ozium incense. Inhaling it in a small space could lead to respiratory difficulties.

I Have a Roommate

Do you have a roommate? They may have not tried cannabis before. Smoking it in front of them could influence them to try too. Ask yourself if you would want this.

If you must use your vaporizer, it’s best to use it outside your dorm. There may be some great spots around campus. Befriend others who smoke. They’ll tell you the best places to do it.

A smart idea would be to smoke in your car. You can drive somewhere secluded to limit the chances of getting caught. It would take a lot of stress off, as you wouldn’t have to worry about taking so many precautions.

You won’t be able to smoke in your dorm. However, there are many ways you can prevent yourself from getting caught. The best way is by switching to a condenser vaporizer. The odors wouldn’t be as pungent, as the pen would look like stationary. If your RA ever finds it, there is a chance that they might not figure out what it is. Buy an essential oil diffuser or make some popcorn – they’ll overpower any odors that may be escaping your room.

Why Does My Room Smell Like Mildew?

Why does my room smell like mildew? Dorms can smell like mildew for a number of reasons.

room smells like mildew

We’ve not only taken a look at why this is below, but we’ve also run through everything you can do to combat it. Solutions to get rid of any other odors you might be dealing with are discussed as well.

Why Do Dorms Smell Like Mildew?

Mildew is a fungus that grows in humid environments. Your dorm may be very humid. This wouldn’t be surprising if there is a lack of ventilation.

Mildew is easy to spot as it’s dark in color. If you see it on the walls, you might be tempted to paint over it. This won’t get rid of it, however.

The fungi could also be growing because of a leaky pipe. It could be dampening certain parts of your wall and it’s bad for your furniture.

How Do You Make a Room Less Humid?

The fungal stench should leave if you get rid of any excess moisture. Here’s how you can do it:

Buy a Dehumidifier

Purchase a dehumidifier. It can be pricey, so split the bill with your roommate.

The device would suck up all the excess moisture in the air. It would also make the space cooler.

Open Your Windows

Something as basic as opening your window would help deal with humidity. Air would be allowed to enter and escape.

Avoid Hot Showers

If you live in a suite, there would be a bathroom attached.  Don’t take hot showers. Steam would collect.

Fix Your Exhaust Fans

Make sure the exhaust fans in your dorm are working well. There may be dust and debris blocking them. Ventilation would be restricted.

Stay Cool

Stay cool. Any sweat evaporating would add to the humidity.

Be Wary of House Plants

House plants would make your dorm feel fresher. However, they also produce their fair share of moisture.

Why Do College Dorms Smell Bad?

Dealing with humidity can help tackle mildew. However, this isn’t the only reason why a dorm can smell.


Pests may be leaving behind a stench. This would especially be bad if you have mice. You don’t have to get rid of the pests yourself. Inform campus housing; they would do the job for you.

Old Wood

How old is the furniture in your room? Old wood gives off a funky smell.

Unclean Bathrooms

You may be lucky and have a bathroom attached to your dorm. If it’s not well taken care of, however, there would be a strong sulfur stench coming from the pipes.


Body odor, dead skin cells, and oils get trapped in any fabric that you’ve used. Make sure to regularly wash them. Know that some fabrics absorb more odors than others.

The best fabrics to wear are natural fibers. They’re light, so they wouldn’t trap as many scents. What’s great is that they’re also comfortable.

Rotten Food

Always eat in the dining hall. Crumbs and food particles could get all over the place if you eat in your room. They can go bad and smell.

Eating in your room even if you clean up any crumbs might not be a good idea. The aroma of your food may be strong and could attract ants. Dorms don’t have the best ventilation, so the odors would get trapped as well.


Being a college student means that you have a hectic schedule. You probably don’t have enough time to clean your room. Dust would get collected over time. There would be a “mushroom-like” smell in the air.

If there is good ventilation, you won’t have to clean as much. Dirt and debris would automatically exit through the vents.

Is there an AC in your room? You would have hit the jackpot, as many of them come with air filters.

Here’s a tip:

When dusting, go from top to the bottom. This would prevent any dirt from spreading out.

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How Can You Make a Dorm Smell Good?

Burn Incense

Burning incense is a fire hazard. However, if you’re allowed to have incense, get some. It would do an excellent job of masking odors. A bonus is that burning incense has a calming effect. This is why it’s used in aromatherapy.

Melt Wax

You won’t be allowed to use candles in your room. Maybe you can guess why. A wax burner would be the next best alternative.

Wax can be bought in various scents and types. As it burns, an aroma would be released. Go for a wax type that would be calming.

Essential Oil Diffuser

An essential oil diffuser is something campus housing won’t have a problem with. It doesn’t have an open flame or heating element.

You can place essential oils in it, and the scent would waft around.

The diffusers also look good. You can keep them on your desk.

Air Freshener

Does your dorm smell bad? An air freshener would mask odors in an instant. Be mindful of how much you spray, though. Air fresheners can be strong.

Scented Trash Bags

Do you find that you don’t have time to regularly take the trash out? Purchase scented trash bags. They’re freely available and don’t cost much.

Spray Perfume

Perfume would work just as well as air fresheners. You might prefer spraying perfume instead, as the scent won’t be as strong. Your clothes would also smell great.


Having many plants in a tiny space would result in high humidity levels. Some plants have fragrant flowers. Purchase a few of them. The odors would be masked, and the space would look homely.

Can You Change Your College Dorm?

The odors in your room may be too strong to fix with the above suggestions. The only thing left to do is to request a room change. If you just moved in, it should be easy for your RA to swap you with someone else.

Is there a lot of mold and mildew in your dorm? Not only would you be dealing with funky smells, but your respiratory health would also be affected. Moreover, inhaling certain types of molds can cause neurological problems.

Inform campus housing if you are dealing with mold. You would at least be temporarily shifted until the mildew is eradicated.

Remember how we mentioned that this could be because of a pipe leak? It might be in your roof. Inform campus housing, as there is a chance that your roof could collapse.

You can also move if you’re dealing with pests. Cockroaches are more common than mice. An ant infestation would be classed as pests as well.

You’ll be dealing with a mildew stench if there is a lot of moisture in the air. The humidity may be due to a lack of ventilation. An easy fix would be to open your windows. Another thing that could help is making sure your exhaust fans are working. There could be dust trapped in them which is why air can’t enter or escape.

There are many things you could do to handle the odors in your room. The best would be to purchase a dehumidifier. It would make the space cooler, so you don’t have to blast your AC either. If you can, get hold of an essential oil diffuser. The scents from the oils can be calming.

Should I Room with a Friend in College?

rooming with best friend

Should I room with a friend in college? Rooming with a friend from high school might seem like a good idea. However, there are quite a few reasons you should think twice about it. See below to learn why.

Should You Be Friends with Your Room Mate?

It’s pretty common for roommates to not be friends with each other. Is it important that you may be friends with the person you’ll be rooming with? Consider the below points:

Uncomfortable Situations

Schools make it mandatory that you live in the dorms for the first year. There’s no way you’ll be able to live with someone for this long if you don’t get along.

Constant Bickering

Not getting along with your roommate may cause arguments to frequently arise. College is already tough. You don’t want to add unnecessary fights into the mix.

Life Would be Easier

Being buddies with the person you’re living with makes life easier. Have something urgent you need while getting ready for class? Your roomie has your back. Need help with groceries? Your roomie’s there for you.

Party and Have fun

The more people you know, the higher the chances of you getting invited to parties. Befriending your roommate would be beneficial. He or she could invite you to any events their friends are throwing.

If you’re a guy, getting into a frat party is hard – fraternities don’t just let anyone in. However, your roommate might be friends with the fraternity boys.

You may struggle making friends or meeting girls. Making your roommate your buddy would mean that he’ll introduce you to the friends he has. You’ll easily be able to expand your social circle.

Study Better

The person you’re sharing the room with may be a wiz. If the two of you are close, he’ll be able to help you with studying. Even if he’s not a genius, he could have some study material that you could use.

Rooming With Your Friend from High School

Is it possible to room with a friend from school? This depends on the college you’ll be attending. When filling out the housing application form, you can recommend a roommate. If your friend recommends you, the college would try its best to pair the two of you.

Although you might be able to have your buddy from back home as your roommate, should you? We’ve talked about this below.


You Know Them

The worst thing you want is an annoying roommate. As you’ll be living with someone you know, you wouldn’t have to worry about someone that causes you trouble.

Be Less Homesick

Making friends at university doesn’t happen overnight. Living with a familiar face would help when you feel lonely.

Once the two of you start making friends, you could introduce them to each other. You’ll be able to expand your social group.

You Won’t be Lonely

College life can be hard. Not because of the amount of work that you’ll be doing, but because you are away from home. Rooming with someone from back home would help any home-sickness you have.

You’re probably going to be visiting home once or twice a year. The trips back would be more fun, as your buddy would be joining you. And they would be cheaper as the two of you could cut costs.


You Will not Get out of Your Comfort Zone

Not knowing anyone at college forces you out of your comfort zone. You can meet a variety of new people as a result. With a familiar face as your roommate, you’ll socialize less.

You Might Ruin your Friendship

You’ll be living with your buddy for a year or two. Although you may have known each other for a while, you wouldn’t have lived together. Tensions might arise and ruin your friendship.

It Can be Uncomfortable

Let’s talk about the above point. You may not like a habit your friend has. As you don’t want to make him angry, you could keep it to yourself. It’s much easier telling off a stranger than a friend.

You Might get Sick of Him

How long have you known each other? Going from studying in high school to living together might result in you growing tired of each other. Is this something you want to risk?


How Do You Befriend Your Room Mate?

Are you going to be living with a stranger? Everyone wants to be friends with the person they’re rooming with. Here’s a couple of tricks that could help.

Learn about their family

Ask about their background. You’ll learn more about their family, friends and pets.  You don’t have to prod to get him or her to talk about their loved ones. Being away from them is probably making your roomie homesick.

Get to Know Their interests

Just like learning more about their past would help, so would getting to know their interests. Who knows? Maybe the two of you have a shared hobby or a TV show that you like.

Put some Effort

Put some effort into forging a relationship. Have study sessions and go out together; you’ll be doing things friends do.

Be Vulnerable

Probably the best way to bond with someone is by being vulnerable and opening up. A connection would form. The other person knows that you’re trusting them with personal information.

Discuss the fears that you have about college. They might be fears your roommate has as well. Just like you can speak about your fears, you should bring up anything you’re excited for too.

Take a Class Together

Is there any way you can take a class together? Or maybe join a sports team? The additional time along living with each other would result in you becoming the best of friends.

Watch a TV Show

What better way to bond than watching something together? If it’s an ongoing series, you’ll be spending time watching it every week. The series would result in more things to talk about as well.

Be Nice

Even if you open up about your fears and get to know his or her background, there’s no way you would become friends if you’re not nice.

Do you have any bad habits that people don’t like? You may be a messy person. Deal with it before you move for college.  The person you’re living with would think that you’re inconsiderate.

Being nice and polite would make your roomie want to be friends with you. Perform acts of kindness – offer to make/buy dinner.


The only way to become close to someone is by regularly speaking to them. You may be a shy person. Force yourself out of your shell.

If you’re lucky, you might get a roommate that would force you to be more social.

Depending on the college you’re going to, you might be able to room with your best friend. You and they would have to put each other’s names in the recommended list on your housing applications. Should you room with a friend from high school, though? The two of you have known each other for a while. However, you probably haven’t lived together. If tensions arise, you’ll be putting your friendship at risk. Rooming with a stranger would be a smart idea. Here’s how you can befriend someone:

  • Open up about yourself
  • Watch shows/movies together
  • Be talkative
  • Be nice
  • Get to know their interests


How to Find Parties in College?

How to Find Parties in College

Wondering how to find parties in college? Finding parties in college is not hard – there would at least be one happening every few weeks. As you can imagine, the frequency of parties depends on the school you’ll be attending. We’ve discussed this and more.

Do All Colleges Have Parties

Colleges are full of kids away from home. It’s no surprise that the parties hosted by them would be intense.

As mentioned, the frequency of parties would depend on the school you’ll be attending. You can class schools into three:

  • Small party schools
  • Moderate party schools
  • Intense party schools

Small Party Schools

Some schools have serious academic environments, so they would have the least parties. Their students would be more focused on staying on top of their studies than having fun.

Schools that aren’t that large wouldn’t have as many parties either. Everyone already knows each other, so there would be less parties. The students attending these colleges would just want to hang out.

Moderate Party Schools

Moderate party schools have thriving social events. And there would be enough students for parties to take place each night. However, the party culture in these universities may not be that intense. This stops raves from constantly taking place.

Attending a moderate party school might be a good idea. You’ll be able to balance studies as well as have fun.

Intense Party Schools

These schools have thousands of students, as well as a party culture that results in raves often. Excluding the weekend, you can expect students to go out at least 3 times a week.

You’ll likely find students at these colleges either partying or going for other events.

Many colleges that have intense party cultures are ivy league. Ivy League schools tend to be full of more affluent students. The “work hard, play hard” mentality is common with them.

What Are College Parties Like?

To answer this question, we have to take a look at the different types.

Frat Parties

When you think of college parties, frat parties are the most common. They are exactly how you imagine them. There would be a lot of loud music, people dancing and alcohol.

Fraternities almost always let girls in. However, some frats require you to be on a list.

If a guy who’s not a frat brother tries to enter, there is a chance he wouldn’t be let inside.

House Party

A student who attends the school might live in a big house. A college house party would just be like the ones back home. There would be games, beer, and a lot of people socializing. Unlike frat parties, getting in would be easier.

Tail gates

Your school might take its sports teams seriously. Before big games, there would likely be some partying outside the stadium. You can expect good food and beer.


Partying at a club is not something people do in the first year. Mostly because you’ll be underage. But towards the end of a degree, you’ll see several students hitting the clubs on the weekend. It’s especially popular, as you get to dress up.


Although bars require you to be 21+ to drink, some let people who are 18 in. They wouldn’t be allowed to consume alcohol. However, they can still be let inside and have fun.

You might be apprehensive about partying at university. All the types we mentioned involve alcohol, and you might not drink. You may think that this would be a big deal, but you’ll be surprised by how many students don’t drink. However, you can find other ways to have fun.


How to Get Invited To College Parties?

Who would want to miss a college party? You’ll have the most fun ever in your life. To increase your chances of getting into one, make use of the below points.

Befriend Others

There are probably hundreds of students in your class. The chances of at least one of them throwing a party would be high. By getting to know as many people as possible, you can increase the chances of getting invited.

Don’t just get to know the kids in your class. Be social – join clubs and sports teams too.

Be Nice

Let’s say you’ve befriended other kids in your class. Unfortunately, you’re still not being invited to events. What’s going on? Sorry to burst your bubble, but you may not be as fun as you think. The goal is to be someone others would love being around.

Do You Drink?

If you can slam a can of beer down in a gulp, you’re a fun guy. You’ll be someone others would want to be around. Although you don’t have to drink, college parties would have a lot of beer. It would be more fun to invite you than someone who doesn’t consume alcohol.

Be a Party Expert

Do you regularly go to parties? You’ll increase the chances of being invited to others. Talk about how many parties you’ve gone to. You will seem like a pro, so people would know that you’re the guy to invite.

Ask Around

You don’t have to be invited to a party to attend one. Maybe your friends have been invited. You could ask to tag along.

Crash It

Crashing college parties is pretty common. You can easily to do this as most people won’t notice.

Breaking into frat parties is hard, though. Think about it, if you seem like a creep, and girls think that you’re a member of the fraternity, you’ll ruin its reputation.

Is There an App to find College Parties?

Highkey is a popular option. It is a university event app that notifies students of anything fun that is happening around campus. Unfortunately, it’s only available on IOS.

Facebook is great too; you can see friends post about parties. Any other social media would also work.

If your friends post about a party on Snapchat, you would easily be able to find it. You can track them via the app’s map feature.

Do You Have to Be in College to Go to a College Party?

This depends on the type of party in question. You don’t have to be a student to attend a house party. You just have to be friends with the person hosting it. Of course, the chances of knowing someone would be higher if you’re studying at the school.

There’s no way you’ll be able to go to a frat party if you’re not a student. Fraternities are careful about who they let on their premises. And attending a tailgate party would not be possible if you’re not studying at the school either.

All schools have parties. How often and intense the ones there are depends on the university’s social culture. The best place to go would be a college with a moderate party culture – you’ll be able to have fun but also focus on your studies.

In terms of how to get invited, you can increase your chances by being a more social, outgoing person. Be someone others would feel comfortable around. Apps like Highkey would make it easier for you to know if something fun is happening around campus too.

How Many Clothes Do You Need for College?

rooming with best friend

If you’re wondering how many clothes do you need for college, you’ve come to the right place. We have discussed How many clothes as well as the type you need. We’ve also run through tips to help you pack them.

How Many Clothes to Bring to College?

It’s hard to say how many clothes you need. In general, 7-8 shirts, 2 pair of pants, a couple of shorts and garments for formal occasions would be best.


Is the university in an area that tends to get very cold? Pack accordingly. On the other hand, if it’s going to be sunny all year long, it won’t be a smart idea to take bulky winter clothes.

Do yourself a favor – get your winter clothes sent to you when you need them. You can ask your family to do this.

A Business Outfit

You may be attending formal events and meeting experts in your field.  Of course, you’ll have presentations and interviews too, if you apply for a part time job. Taking 1-2 outfits that are business-appropriate would be ideal.


How will you spend your time at college? Someone who’s going to be spending the weekends partying would need different clothes than someone who will be visiting museums.

Old Outfits

Do you own a lot of clothes? If you don’t feel comfortable in certain outfits, don’t pack them. You might plan outfits, and think about bringing specific pieces. However, knowing how hectic college life is, you’ll probably wear your staples most of the time.


Time Frame

You might be visiting home often. If you are, don’t pack for the whole year. Bring enough clothes just for the first 2 semesters.

Don’t Use Large Suitcases

The worst thing you could do is pack in large suitcases. Although you can carry a lot of clothes in these, where are you going to store everything? Dorms are small. You’ll be struggling to find a place to store your suitcase as well. Taking a few small suitcases would be best.


You’re not going to be walking around campus barefoot. Get comfortable shoes. Throw in some flip flops to wear in your room.

Please note that some colleges might have a student dress code.

How Many Clothes Do College Guys Need?

The rules we mentioned earlier would work for any guy. Now let’s dive into what kind of clothes you’ll need.


Jeans come in different style and colors. Get at least one pair that has a dark wash. It would work well in casual work environments, as well as for dates.

Khaki Pants

Go for more neutral khaki pants. Brown or black would work well in various settings. A brighter color would be fine if you can style it well.


When it gets warm, you won’t be able to wear long pants. So, remember to take some shorts. Neutral toned pairs are ideal.


A jacket could help make your outfit look dressy. You’ll need separate ones for the winter and spring. Wool overcoats are especially trendy.

Long-sleeve Shirt

You can’t wear short sleeves all the time. For more casual events, you can roll up the sleeves on your shirt. A long sleeve button up shirt would look more formal.

During winter, you can wear t-shirts underneath your sweater.


You never know when you’ll need a suit. Take a few formal shirts for occasions. Owning two button-downs would be fine.


Casual shoes and dress shoes are necessary. Never wear casual shoes for a job interview.

How Many Clothes Do College Girls Need?

The rules mentioned earlier is true when it comes to girls too. Let’s look at a few clothing staples girls should pack.


Sweatpants are comfortable to wear around the dorm. Stylish sweatpants can also be worn to class.


For the colder months, a jacket is a must. They can also make an outfit look dressier.


Get a business appropriate dress. Pick a flattering option that you can wear for interviews and presentations.

A girl’s best friend is the little black dress. You can have one of them in your closet as well.  It would be great for parties.


Dark wash jeans are a vital part of any college girl’s wardrobe. They’re suitable for both work and social settings.


The tops you want to take would depend on your personal style. Although 7-8 t-shirts for guys might work, girls could take more.


A pair of heels would be needed for formal events and parties. To go jogging around campus, you’ll need comfortable shoes.

You don’t need a lot of clothes for college. When it comes to packing, don’t bring your clothes in large suitcases. Storing them is going to be a problem. If it’s warm during most of the year, you don’t have to bring winter clothes. You can get your family to ship them when needed. Overall, the below items are a must for both men and women:

  • Dark wash jeans
  • A jacket
  • Running shoes
  • Formal shirt or dress
  • T-shirts
  • Flip-flops

Am I Fast Enough to Swim in College?

swim in college

Am I fast enough to swim in college? You need to be very fast to swim in college. It shouldn’t surprise you that it’s more competitive than high school.

How fast you need to be depended on the type of team you’ll be joining. We’ve discussed this, as well how you can improve your chances of getting recruited into a team.

How to know if I am good enough to swim in college?

How fast you need to be depended on the tier of swimming you have to do. You’re probably aware that there are 3 main college swimming divisions: division 1, division 2 and division 3. They are all governed by the National Collegiate Athletic Association, the most popular board.

Division 1 is for the most serious athletes, followed by D2 and then D3.

The following are the times you’ll need for each:

Tier 1 (Elite D1)

  • 50 free – 19.9 and faster
  • 100 free – 43.8 and faster
  • 200 free – 1.36.3 and faster
  • 500 free – 4.23.3 and faster
  • 1650 free – 15.26.1 and faster
  • 100 fly – 47.4 and faster
  • 200 fly – 1.46.7 and faster
  • 100 back – 47.7 and faster
  • 200 back – 1.45.0 and faster
  • 100 breast – 54.3 and faster
  • 200 breast – 1.58.4 and faster

Tier 2 (Elite D2 – D3, Mid – D1)

  • 50 free – 20.5 – 20.9
  • 100 free – 44.9 – 45.4
  • 200 free – 1.38.5 – 1.39.8
  • 500 free – 4.27.9 – 4.31.5
  • 1650 free – 15.36.9 – 15.46.9
  • 100 fly – 48.9 – 49.9
  • 200 fly – 1.49.9 – 1.52.1
  • 100 back – 49.0 – 50.8
  • 200 back – 1.48.5 – 1.50.6
  • 100 breast – 55.9 – 57.4
  • 200 breast – 2.02.5 – 2.05.7

Tier 3 (Mid-Major D2-D3, Low-Mid D1)

  • 50 free – 21.1 – 21.4
  • 100 free – 45.9 – 46.5
  • 200 free – 1.40.9 – 1.41.8
  • 500 free – 4.35.5 – 4.37.1
  • 1650 free – 15.55.9 – 16.05.0
  • 100 fly – 50.5 – 51.1
  • 200 fly – 1.52.9 – 1.53.7
  • 100 back – 51.5 – 52.1
  • 200 back – 1.51.9 – 1.52.8
  • 100 breast – 58.1 – 58.7
  • 200 breast – 2.07.5 – 1.53.5

For less competitive D3 schools, competitive times won’t be needed.

D1, D2 and D3 are all governed by the NCAA. However, there is the NAIA as well. These schools need times according to Tier 3.  They’re not as popular, however.

How Fast Is the Average College Swimmer?

Measuring how fast a college swimmer is can be tricky. However, we can talk about the average improvement between a high school swimmer and a college swimmer.

Men and women in D1 teams would see an increase in performance by around 0.2%. Men would see increases of around 0.3% in D2 and D3 teams, while women would see an increase of around 0.2%.

This is because the more time a swimmer spends training, the more injuries they would accumulate. But there are many other hypotheses around.

Is It Worth It to Swim in College?

There is a multitude of benefits when it comes to collegiate swimming. We summed up some of them:

A Support System

You’ll be swimming with the members of your team for 4 long years. You’ll establish friendships that would last. Although this is a plus, if you don’t get along with others, this may not work out well.


Schools with division 1 and 2 swim teams can give out scholarships.

D1 colleges are the largest in the country.  They have the biggest budgets to facilitate athletic programs, so you’ll be able to get a full scholarship. Some D2 schools can offer full scholarships, but most of them only offer partial ones.

You likely won’t get a scholarship for a division 3 school. However, you’ll be met with financial aid packages.

Improve Yourself

How serious of an athlete are you? D1 colleges have the best swimmers, so you’ll be trained by the best coaches. As you’ll be competing against the best, you can also challenge yourself.

D2 swim teams would have great coaches and competition, but they’ll still be a tier down from their counterpart. A perk of division 2 schools is that you won’t have to come to school during the summer to train. However, you might have to if you’re going to be a part of an elite division 1 team.


Stating that you were part of your college’s swim team would look great on your resume. It would look even better if you’ve won titles.

Who wouldn’t want to boast that they were a collegiate swimmer? You can impress anyone you meet.

Training Trips

If your college is serious about its swim team, they would take you on training trips. You could visit exotic locations like Puerto Rico.

How Many Hours Do College Swimmers Practice?

It’s common to spend 2-3 hours at each practice, and it would likely be 4-7 times a week. As you won’t be in high-school anymore, you’ll have the luxury of being able to start training at 6 or 7 am.

Practice would usually be around 3-8 miles, but this would differ depending on the competition(s) coming up.

You’ll have time allocated for lifting. It would likely be 1.25 hours 2-3 times a week. Weights are in the mornings.

As mentioned, if you’ve joined an elite D1 swim team, you’ll still have to train a couple of times during the summer.

Know that the NCAA has rules about how many hours a week you can train. The maximum would be 20.

What Do College Coaches Look for in Swimmers?


It’s only natural for a coach to want his team to win as many trophies as possible. This won’t be possible if they recruit members who are slow.

Leadership Abilities

A coach would want a fearless individual who can tackle the bull by the horns – you should be someone who drives the team to reach its goals.

Have your sights on being team leader? Gaining experience by being an active leader in a high school club would help.

Individual Qualities

Do you think you’re a well-rounded individual? What can you contribute to the team while in and out of the pool? The coach would want someone with enough personality and passion that would benefit others. Your specific background may be something that he or she is looking for as well.



Although you may be a great athlete, you may not do so well at your studies. The team shouldn’t have to worry about you being able to balance academics and practice.

There won’t be a point of recruiting you if your grades are not good enough to get you admitted to the college.

To ensure that you’ll be able to handle your studies, you need to show that you can time manage well – so you need to be punctual.

Passion for Swimming

We mentioned the importance of having a work ethic in the point above. Something that would influence this would be your passion for swimming. The most elite division 1 teams were designed for students who want to pursue careers in the sport.


College coaches want to see your sportsmanship abilities. You should be able to handle losses and disappointments well. You’ll bring shame to the team if you break out in a tantrum mid-competition.

How To Get Recruited for College Swimming?

Here are some tried and tested tips use by countless collegiate swimmers.

Start Early

You need to start laying the foundations early. Swimming during your sophomore year would help become a better athlete, while swimming during your junior year would help build your skill and dedication. Swimming during your senior year would help solidify your place in the team.

Verify Yourself

Let the NCAA know that you’re interested in becoming a collegiate swimmer. You can identify yourself on their site. You’ll have to include data on your track record as well as your academic capabilities. The site would say whether you are eligible for a D1, D2 or D3 school or not.

Social Media

Social media isn’t just for posting pictures of yourself. By creating a presence, you’ll be able to attract college coaches. Be mindful of what you post, though. Anything scandalous would bring negative attention.

Visit the College

Show the college that you’re interested and visit them. You’ll be able to meet the coach, and possibly the team. You can get a tour, which would help you understand the dynamics of the campus.

Go for an overnight stay if possible.


We mentioned earlier how important your academics should be. It’s a common misconception that you can get a swim scholarship even if your grades aren’t good. Not only would you need the proper grades, but you will also need to take specific classes to attend the school if they are not up to the mark.

You’ll need to be an exceptional swimmer if you’re interested in joining a division 1 team. You’ll be surrounded by the best coaches there are, and will be competing against the best. To improve your chances of getting recruited, you should also be good in your studies. A college coach wouldn’t bother trying to recruit you if your grades won’t let you get admitted into the college.

Are You Not Smart Enough For College?

not smart enough for college

Do you think you’re not smart enough for college?

To know if you’re not smart enough for college is something you need to think about. Doing well at university isn’t about how smart you are, but how much dedication you put in. We’ve answered your question below.

Are Some People Just Not Smart Enough for College?

Colleges have entry requirements. The hardest programs would require the best grades. This is to make sure that whoever joins would be able to keep up with the studies. Universities make sure that you’ve taken certain subjects too. If you’ve met these requirements, you’re smart enough for the program.

What kind of high school do you go to? It may force you to take advanced classes. You’ll be able to handle what you’d be learning at university well.

Remember that there is a number of things you could get a degree in. Although you may find pursuing higher education in STEM hard, you could do very well in arts.

Am I Not Smart Enough?

Calling yourself unintelligent is not right. It’s likely that you don’t have the right teachers. There’s an easy fix for this – hire a tutor. Additional reading and going through tutorials would also help you understand anything complex.

No matter how smart someone is, they’ll always be able to find someone who is smarter. With a bit of hard work, you would be able to understand more complex topics.

Know that being smart does not equal being successful in life. It’s all about dedication. Intelligence comes in various forms. Although someone you know could be acing their exams, they may not be the most brightest when it comes to other aspects of their life.

How Can I Feel Smart in College?

Pat yourself on the back. You made it into the program because of how great your grades were. If you still don’t feel smart, this may be due to insecurities. Doing well in college would help with how you feel.

Time Management

No one said college would be easy. You’ll be met with assignments, tests and classes. Staying on top of things is all about time management. You’re advised to create a schedule. Try and avoid obstacles. A friend might need help moving in when a test is coming up.


If you’re living on campus, it would be easy for you to slack off. After all, you’re living with several friends. Discipline is needed, as you’ll be forced to stick to the schedule you’ve made.

The more you stick to it, the more habitual it would become. Not doing homework for 2 hours every day would start to feel strange.


College professors expect you to have read what they’re about to teach. You’ll find what’s being taught very hard otherwise.

Universities teach something that would take 180 hours for only 60 hours. Reading about the topic beforehand would save you from failing.

You cover everything by going for group studies. If you don’t understand concepts, your friends would be able to help.

Office Hours

Lecturers schedule hours outside of class to meet with students. Utilizing this would let you get extra help. Showing your lecturer that you’re so committed would help him see you in a better light. He or she would respect your dedication.


Speaking of you getting extra help, universities have tutoring centers. If you’re finding it difficult to understand topics, don’t wait till too late to get a tutor. There would be too much for them to cover.

Do You Have to Be Smart To Go to University?

It’s a common misconception that college is for the academically gifted. The entry requirements you need varies between institutions. Some don’t require high scores at all.

Does your program require high scores? Achieving them isn’t about how smart you, but how much time you put in.

How Can I Get Smarter Overnight?

You can’t get smarter overnight. There are several things you can do to retain information and improve thought processing, though.

Hand Write

A study conducted at UCLA and Princeton found that people who wrote down notes during lectures retain the information for longer compared to people that type them.

Read Fiction

According to Toronto University and York University, reading fiction lets you empathize with and understand other people better. There’s no clear evidence why, but it may be because reading makes you more open minded.

Drink Coffee

Caffeine blocks the neurotransmitter Adenosine and increases the release of dopamine and norepinephrine. Studies conducted by the neuroscience studies fund by the National Institute of Health suggests that this helps you think more clearly.


Studies in the New York Times cited that exercise increases the levels of a protein that promotes the growth of new neurons. Regular exercise would make you smarter, as a result.

Be Mindful

Practice mindfulness. You would improve your problem solving skills. How can you do this? Meditation and yoga are some of the bests. Steve Jobs is known to have practiced mindfulness to help him tackle problems.


What Do You Do If You Are Not Good at College?

How well you do at college depends on how dedicated you are. There are many ways you can improve your knowledge:

  • utilize office hours
  • study groups
  • tutors

If you’re still not doing well, take a semester break. Your student advisor would be able to help.

If you’ve gotten accepted to the program you’ve applied for, you’re smart enough for it. Colleges have set requirements for a reason. Even if you’ve gotten the best grades, you may not do well at university. This isn’t because it’s very hard, but because you’re not time managing. Anyone you speak to would say that the key to being good at college is hard work. There are many resources you can utilize.

Unfortunately, your teacher may not be the best at explaining. What do you do then? You could switch classes or get the additional help through a tutor.