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Having a Cat in College

have a cat in college

Cats are some of the most popular pets on the planet. They are cute, they are cuddly, they have a purr that melts the heart and they aren’t too hard to take care of. What’s not to love about them? There are several pros and cons of having a cat in college. Having a cat … Read moreHaving a Cat in College

Why College Sucks

why college sucks

College students are of different ages, different levels of social maturity, different goals and different levels of motivation, which makes it difficult to get along with each other. While students in college, they have to deal with peer pressure, and competition with others. Some students want to do this, while some just want to relax … Read moreWhy College Sucks

Can a Scholarship Be Taken Away?

can a scholarship be taken away

Scholarships are important to students because they provide a financial aid that is not based on the family’s income. While many students are eligible for financial aid, the financial aid is always based on the family’s income. Scholarships are awarded based on merit. Can your scholarship be taken away? Yes. Unfortunately, there are many reasons … Read moreCan a Scholarship Be Taken Away?

Best Rain Boots For College

What are the best rain boots for college? Rain boots for college don’t have to be super durable. All you’d need is something that would let you move across campus when it pours. If you take a look at the options on the market, you might be intimidated. We not only discussed everything to look … Read moreBest Rain Boots For College