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Can You Smoke in a Dorm Room?

Can You Smoke in a dorm room? Smoking in a dorm room won’t be allowed, even if you have a medical marijuana card. If you are someone who likes to smoke, this would be disappointing.

smoking in dorm

Do not fear. We’ve discussed the best ways to get away with it below. Most of the time, this would by masking the odors coming from your room.

Use a Vaporizer

Purchase a convection vaporizer. The temperature in the pen would be controlled, so the vapor that is released wouldn’t be as pungent. An added bonus is that vape pens are discreet. You could fool your RA into thinking it’s a stationary item.

Burn Incense

Most dorms don’t let students burn incense or candles, as they can be fire hazards. If you’re allowed to use incense, purchase it.

Get an option that isn’t too strong. Otherwise, people might get suspicious about why you’re burning incense.

Essential oil diffusers can also help mask the smell. What’s more, essential oils can help you calm down. Being a college student, you’d appreciate this.

In terms of which oils to get, the following are the most calming:

  • Ylang ylang
  • Lavender
  • Orange blossom

Make Some Popcorn

An essential oil diffuser is not the cheapest, so you may be interested in other ways to hide the odors coming from your room. Why not make popcorn? A bag of popcorn in the microwave creates a strong smell.

You could burn the popcorn too. The smell would be overpowering.

Be Under the Radar

You can also try to keep a low profile. If your RA doesn’t know that you smoke, they wouldn’t regularly check up on you. Try and befriend them. Being on good terms means that they won’t have a reason to get you in trouble.

Have Proper Ventilation

Buy a pedestal fan and aim it towards you. The smoke would exit from your window. You can make this easier by smoking right next to the window.

Watch Out for Smoke Detectors

Even if you utilize the above methods, others might be able to tell what you’re up to if you keep setting your smoke detector off. Prevent it from beeping by covering it with a plastic bag.

Always remember to take the plastic bag off. If a fire breaks out, your life could be in danger. Also, your residential assistant would get suspicious if they see all the detectors in your room covered.

Have a Friend Help

Have a buddy be on watch for the RA or anyone that may be headed your way. You’ll be able to relax without worrying about getting caught. Your friend could inform you if someone is coming over through text.

Block the Space Under Your Door

The biggest culprit when it comes to odors escaping is the gap between your door and the floor. Place a damp towel between the opening. It would absorb any odors that may pass through.

We spoke about using your vape pen by the window. This usually works well, but you may get unlucky. Your window may be connected to a vent. Whatever you smoke would circulate through the building. Thankfully, no one would be able to tell what its source is.

Try Ghosting Your Hit

If you’re a newbie, ghosting your hit may seem impossible. However, practice makes perfect. You’ll be able to absorb whatever you exhale back.

The key to ghosting is to make sure you don’t burn your dry herbs.

Don’t Create a Ruckus

Keep it down when smoking so that whoever passes by won’t become suspicious about what’s happening.

Limit the number of people who will be smoking with you. The chances of a ruckus being made would be lower. Inviting less friends would also be smart, as people would get suspicious if they see a lot of students coming in and out of your room.

Find the Best Stash Spots

Let’s say you didn’t take the above precautions and your residential assistant is now inspecting your dorm. If you hide your stash well, they won’t have any evidence. The smartest thing would be to hide the stash in plain sight. No one would think about checking these spots.

Maybe you have a paneled ceiling? Take a panel down and place the goods inside. You could cut open a book and place the stash in it as well.

Just make sure that the goods are in an air-tight container so that no odors would leak out.

Find a Friend

You’re probably not the only one who enjoys cannabis around campus. Befriend someone else who likes to smoke. They could be an expert at not getting caught. You wouldn’t have to worry about taking so many precautions.

Buy a Glass Pipe Cleaner

Do you use a pipe? Purchase a glass pipe cleaner. Keeping your pipe clean incrases the airflow of the herb. You’ll be able to keep any odors and smells down.

Wait Till No One’s Around

At times, students would be back home and there won’t be many people in the dorms. This would be the best time to smoke. The few people in the building may not care about what you’re up to.

Should You Smoke in Your Dorm?

Considering how there are many ways to hide that you are smoking in your room, you may be wondering whether you should do it or not.

Getting caught could lead to your housing contract being terminated. Depending on where you live, the possession of cannabis may also be a crime.

Earlier, we discussed how covering your smoke detector would help. However, covering the detector is a serious offense. After all, a fire could break out and you’ll never know. You’ll be putting your life and everyone else’s at risk. If your RA sees the machine covered in plastic, your housing contract may get terminated.

Remember that dorm rooms are small. You’re not allowed to have candles, toasters, grills or anything with heating elements to reduce the risk of a fire. You will need fire to smoke. It would also be a fire hazard.

Another thing that might put your life in danger is burning ozium incense. Inhaling it in a small space could lead to respiratory difficulties.

I Have a Roommate

Do you have a roommate? They may have not tried cannabis before. Smoking it in front of them could influence them to try too. Ask yourself if you would want this.

If you must use your vaporizer, it’s best to use it outside your dorm. There may be some great spots around campus. Befriend others who smoke. They’ll tell you the best places to do it.

A smart idea would be to smoke in your car. You can drive somewhere secluded to limit the chances of getting caught. It would take a lot of stress off, as you wouldn’t have to worry about taking so many precautions.

You won’t be able to smoke in your dorm. However, there are many ways you can prevent yourself from getting caught. The best way is by switching to a condenser vaporizer. The odors wouldn’t be as pungent, as the pen would look like stationary. If your RA ever finds it, there is a chance that they might not figure out what it is. Buy an essential oil diffuser or make some popcorn – they’ll overpower any odors that may be escaping your room.

Why Does My Room Smell Like Mildew?

Why does my room smell like mildew? Dorms can smell like mildew for a number of reasons.

room smells like mildew

We’ve not only taken a look at why this is below, but we’ve also run through everything you can do to combat it. Solutions to get rid of any other odors you might be dealing with are discussed as well.

Why Do Dorms Smell Like Mildew?

Mildew is a fungus that grows in humid environments. Your dorm may be very humid. This wouldn’t be surprising if there is a lack of ventilation.

Mildew is easy to spot as it’s dark in color. If you see it on the walls, you might be tempted to paint over it. This won’t get rid of it, however.

The fungi could also be growing because of a leaky pipe. It could be dampening certain parts of your wall and it’s bad for your furniture.

How Do You Make a Room Less Humid?

The fungal stench should leave if you get rid of any excess moisture. Here’s how you can do it:

Buy a Dehumidifier

Purchase a dehumidifier. It can be pricey, so split the bill with your roommate.

The device would suck up all the excess moisture in the air. It would also make the space cooler.

Open Your Windows

Something as basic as opening your window would help deal with humidity. Air would be allowed to enter and escape.

Avoid Hot Showers

If you live in a suite, there would be a bathroom attached.  Don’t take hot showers. Steam would collect.

Fix Your Exhaust Fans

Make sure the exhaust fans in your dorm are working well. There may be dust and debris blocking them. Ventilation would be restricted.

Stay Cool

Stay cool. Any sweat evaporating would add to the humidity.

Be Wary of House Plants

House plants would make your dorm feel fresher. However, they also produce their fair share of moisture.

Why Do College Dorms Smell Bad?

Dealing with humidity can help tackle mildew. However, this isn’t the only reason why a dorm can smell.


Pests may be leaving behind a stench. This would especially be bad if you have mice. You don’t have to get rid of the pests yourself. Inform campus housing; they would do the job for you.

Old Wood

How old is the furniture in your room? Old wood gives off a funky smell.

Unclean Bathrooms

You may be lucky and have a bathroom attached to your dorm. If it’s not well taken care of, however, there would be a strong sulfur stench coming from the pipes.


Body odor, dead skin cells, and oils get trapped in any fabric that you’ve used. Make sure to regularly wash them. Know that some fabrics absorb more odors than others.

The best fabrics to wear are natural fibers. They’re light, so they wouldn’t trap as many scents. What’s great is that they’re also comfortable.

Rotten Food

Always eat in the dining hall. Crumbs and food particles could get all over the place if you eat in your room. They can go bad and smell.

Eating in your room even if you clean up any crumbs might not be a good idea. The aroma of your food may be strong and could attract ants. Dorms don’t have the best ventilation, so the odors would get trapped as well.


Being a college student means that you have a hectic schedule. You probably don’t have enough time to clean your room. Dust would get collected over time. There would be a “mushroom-like” smell in the air.

If there is good ventilation, you won’t have to clean as much. Dirt and debris would automatically exit through the vents.

Is there an AC in your room? You would have hit the jackpot, as many of them come with air filters.

Here’s a tip:

When dusting, go from top to the bottom. This would prevent any dirt from spreading out.

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How Can You Make a Dorm Smell Good?

Burn Incense

Burning incense is a fire hazard. However, if you’re allowed to have incense, get some. It would do an excellent job of masking odors. A bonus is that burning incense has a calming effect. This is why it’s used in aromatherapy.

Melt Wax

You won’t be allowed to use candles in your room. Maybe you can guess why. A wax burner would be the next best alternative.

Wax can be bought in various scents and types. As it burns, an aroma would be released. Go for a wax type that would be calming.

Essential Oil Diffuser

An essential oil diffuser is something campus housing won’t have a problem with. It doesn’t have an open flame or heating element.

You can place essential oils in it, and the scent would waft around.

The diffusers also look good. You can keep them on your desk.

Air Freshener

Does your dorm smell bad? An air freshener would mask odors in an instant. Be mindful of how much you spray, though. Air fresheners can be strong.

Scented Trash Bags

Do you find that you don’t have time to regularly take the trash out? Purchase scented trash bags. They’re freely available and don’t cost much.

Spray Perfume

Perfume would work just as well as air fresheners. You might prefer spraying perfume instead, as the scent won’t be as strong. Your clothes would also smell great.


Having many plants in a tiny space would result in high humidity levels. Some plants have fragrant flowers. Purchase a few of them. The odors would be masked, and the space would look homely.

Can You Change Your College Dorm?

The odors in your room may be too strong to fix with the above suggestions. The only thing left to do is to request a room change. If you just moved in, it should be easy for your RA to swap you with someone else.

Is there a lot of mold and mildew in your dorm? Not only would you be dealing with funky smells, but your respiratory health would also be affected. Moreover, inhaling certain types of molds can cause neurological problems.

Inform campus housing if you are dealing with mold. You would at least be temporarily shifted until the mildew is eradicated.

Remember how we mentioned that this could be because of a pipe leak? It might be in your roof. Inform campus housing, as there is a chance that your roof could collapse.

You can also move if you’re dealing with pests. Cockroaches are more common than mice. An ant infestation would be classed as pests as well.

You’ll be dealing with a mildew stench if there is a lot of moisture in the air. The humidity may be due to a lack of ventilation. An easy fix would be to open your windows. Another thing that could help is making sure your exhaust fans are working. There could be dust trapped in them which is why air can’t enter or escape.

There are many things you could do to handle the odors in your room. The best would be to purchase a dehumidifier. It would make the space cooler, so you don’t have to blast your AC either. If you can, get hold of an essential oil diffuser. The scents from the oils can be calming.

What Questions to Ask a College Roommate?

Are you wondering what questions to ask a college roommate? You’ve just received your acceptance letter.

questions to ask your roommate

Now, you’re on the hunt for a college roommate. The key to finding a good roommate is asking the right questions. We’ve discussed what these should be below.

What Will You Be Studying?

Ask your potential roommate what they’ll be majoring in. You’ll get a good idea about their interests and the type of person that they are. Knowing what they’re going to major in would give you an idea of their study habits and how much work they’ll be doing too.

Hopefully, you have similar classes or majors. You’ll be able to have study sessions together which is great.

Where Are You from?

When you’re getting to know someone, the best place to start is to ask where they’re from. After all, the background or culture you have been raised in affects who you are. Who knows? Maybe your potential roommate is from the same area or culture as you. The two of you could bond over this.

What Classes Are You Going to Take?

Asking what classes they will be taking can give you an insight into their schedule. They may have classes early in the morning, so you shouldn’t disturb them late at night.

Have You Ever Lived with Someone Before?

Sharing a space is all about compromise and understanding. If your future roomie has shared a room before, they would understand this. The two of you would be able to ease into the new living situation.

How Do You Feel About Guests?

Make sure you are on the same page about having guests over. It would be unfortunate living with someone that won’t like having your friends around.

Will You Be Bringing Your Car?

Finding on-campus parking is a daunting task. You may be thinking about bringing your car to college. If your potential roommate is bringing their car too, finding on-campus parking would be easier.

What Can You Pitch in For?

The university would provide essentials, like desks, beds, and a closet. However, big ticket items like televisions, mini-fridges and futons would have to be bought. Spending a lot, yourself would be tough, as they will be shared. Ask your potential roommate how they feel about splitting the bill.

Will You Be Bringing a Pet?

Unlike most schools, the one you’re attending may let you bring pets. If you’re not a dog person, sharing a dorm with someone who is bringing a furry friend won’t be ideal. On the other hand, you may want to bring your dog, and your roomie might not like this.

Do You Want to Work on Campus?

You may be looking for a job on campus. Hopefully, your potential roomie is going to as well. You would have a buddy to help with the job hunt.

Let’s say they don’t want to work on campus but already have a job elsewhere. Get more information on their employment. This would let you know how busy they are.

How Clean do you like your room?

It’s better to find out now if the person you’ll be rooming with it is messy. You’ll be able to come up with organizational tips to help them handle their bad habit.

Do You Smoke or Drink?

Smoking may not be for you. Be upfront and ask whether they smoke or not. You probably won’t enjoy living with someone whose space smells like a chimney.

Let’s say they don’t smoke but you do. This would let you take precautions not to smoke indoors.

Also, find out whether they drink. Sharing a dorm with someone that gets drunk frequently won’t be fun.

What Are You Allergic to?

No one wants to stay up all night sneezing. Find out everything your potential roommate is allergic to. You wouldn’t want to bring anything that would set their allergies off.

Find out if they have any dietary restrictions as well. They may only eat kosher or vegan food.

How Hot or Cold Do You Need Rooms to Be?

For general housekeeping purposes, this is a good question to ask. You may be someone that needs the room to be cold. This won’t work well if the person you’ll rooming with can’t stand cold temperatures.

What Sports Do You Play?

Asking your potential roommate if they play any sports would let you know how active they are, and whether they want to hit the gym with you. Who knows? Maybe you played the same sport in high school.

What are your thoughts on chores?

It might feel uncomfortable asking a future roommate how you will be dividing chores. But it’s something that needs to be discussed. Dividing chores well would make it easier to share a dorm.

How Do You Study?

Hopefully, the two of you have compatible study habits. It’s going to be difficult if you like hitting the books in peace and quiet, while they like studying with music in the background.

Do You Know Anyone On Campus?

This might seem like an odd question to ask. However, figuring out whether they’re going to be heading to college with a friend from high school or not has its perks. You’ll be able to hang out with your new roommate and their friend for the first few days until you get to know others.

Will You Be Going Home Often?

Some students go to a college in their town. Your potential roommate’s home may be in the area, so they may be planning to go back every weekend. Knowing how often they’ll be away would let you plan your week and weekends.

Your home may be in the area instead of theirs. Letting them know that you’re going to be away every Saturday and Sunday will be a nice thing to do.

What Time Do You Sleep?

Finding out what time they go to bed may seem like a minor detail. But the two of you may have very different sleep schedules. You may go to bed early, while they go to bed late.

Do You Have Any Pet Peeves?

Establish your pet peeves with your potential roommate. They would know to avoid these habits around you. Find out what ticks them off too. The two of you would deal with less issues, as you wouldn’t be getting on each other’s nerves.

What Type of Music Do You Listen To?

Getting to know their taste in music would help you bond better. Moreover, knowing how often they listen to music, and the type that they enjoy would let you figure out if they’re going to be a nuisance or not. The person you’re going to be living with may be a fan of heavy metal. If you’re someone who likes to spend your time in peace and quiet, this won’t be ideal.

Ask them if they regularly listen to music without headphones on. Whatever the type of music they listen to, if they listen to it without headphones, you will be disturbed.

Should You Room with a Friend From High School?

When filling out the housing application form, you can either include the name of a person you want to room with, or let the college choose someone for you. If you have a friend that is going to attend the school, you might be thinking about putting their name down as your roommate. This is not a good idea.

You will go to college already having friend, so you may not try to socialize as much. College is all about getting out there and meeting new people which you would miss out on.

Although the two of you might be friends, you may have never lived together before. You might soon realize that they are the worst person to share a dorm with. Your friendship could end, as you are constantly fighting with each other.

Discussing living arrangements and chores is less awkward with a stranger than with someone you know. You might end up letting your buddy from high school be lazy and not do their chores.

As they are your friend, it might also be harder for you to say no to whatever they want.

On the flip side, sharing a dorm with someone you know would help you whenever you feel home sick. You would have someone that you can travel back home with.

There are a lot of questions to ask someone before you choose them to share a room with as your college roommate. Hopefully, you will be able to find a person that who meets all your requirements. Sharing a dorm with someone is all about compromise.

A person who has already shared a room before would understand this well. Make sure that the person you’ll be living with doesn’t have any bad habits that you find annoying. Ensure that they are fine with you bringing friends around. It would be uncomfortable to live with someone who make your friends feel unwelcome.

How To Make Your Dorm Room Smell Good?

Wondering how to make your dorm room smell good? A dorm room can collect bad odors fast.

make room smell fresh

You’ll spend most of your time in the space, so this isn’t what you want. Some great ways to make the room smell better are discussed below. Let’s talk about them.

Essential Oil Diffuser

An essential oil diffuser won’t be cheap, but it will be worth it. Essential oils are available in all kinds of scents. Some are known to be calming. College is stressful, so you’ll appreciate this. The oils that are diffused can help you sleep better too. Chamomile, ylang-ylang and lavender are the most soothing.

Wax Melting

Scented candles are used for aromatherapy. They’re known to help people calm down. Unfortunately, you can’t have candles in your room – you could cause a fire. The next best thing would be a wax Melter. It’s a contraption that’s similar in appearance to a diffuser, but it would melt scented wax instead.

Buy a Pedestal Fan

If your dorm room is warm, you’ll sweat a lot, leaving an odor. Keep yourself cool by purchasing a pedestal fan.

Having it blow at your window could create a cross breeze. This would provide an AC-like cooling effect. Two fans are required if you’re serious about creating the cross breeze.

Scented Trash Bag

Scented trash bags are game changers. They’ll get rid of any odors that may come from your bin. A pack of bags won’t cost much, plus they’re freely available. You can get hold of them in various scents. Go for a choice that won’t be too strong.

A tip to consider is that the bags from more expensive brands would smell the best.

Get a Dehumidifier

High humidity would cause mold and fungi to grow. They’ll give off a stench. You can eliminate excess moisture in the air by buying a dehumidifier. The lack of humidity would also cause you to sweat less.

Take the Trash Out

Scented trash bags would hide the stench of the trash in your bin. But this shouldn’t be an excuse to not clean your bins. It would be unhygienic to leave dirt in there. What’s more, the trash would attract pests. There is a huge chance you’ll start seeing bugs around.

Empty the bins at least twice a week. The chore doesn’t have to be split between you and your roommate, as it’s quite easy.

Air Freshener

Car fresheners don’t just have to be placed in vehicles. Get hold of one and attach it to the vent in your AC/heater system. The air being pushed out would smell good. This is inexpensive, as you can find car fresheners in bulk for a couple of dollars.

The thing is, car fresheners can be a bit too strong. Be mindful of the choice you get.


You can’t regularly throw pillows and certain fabrics in the washer. And the ottoman in your room can’t be thrown in the washer at all. Don’t let them smell bad. Spray Febreze on them whenever you can.

Clean Your Fridge

Most dorms don’t come with fridges. They can be fire hazards. Some schools let you bring mini or micro fridges. You’ll be lucky, as you can store snacks. However, you should regularly clean your mini fridge out. The food inside could become rotten otherwise.

Create a cleaning schedule so that anything expired gets tended to. Label your food. You’ll know when anything’s going to expire, so you’d be able to eat it before it goes bad.

If you’re not a very organized person, bringing a mini fridge to college with you won’t be smart. Remember that the shared kitchen would have a fridge. It might be a better idea to just use it.

Keep Your Windows Open

An easy way to get rid of foul odors is by having your windows open. You can have your doors open to improve the ventilation as well.

Wash Dirty Clothes

If you play a lot of sports or are involved in physical activities, your clothes would be drenched in sweat. Do laundry twice a week, as the dirty clothes will begin to stink.

Just like how dirty clothes need to be cleaned, your shoes need to be washed and cleaned too. Sweaty shoes can smell worse than sweaty clothes. Also, you’ll need to clean any socks you have.

You should regularly wash your bed sheets and towels too. Body odors, dead skin cells and dust would be trapped between them. You thankfully don’t have to wash sheets and towels every week. This can be done once every 3 weeks or so.

The curtains in your room need to be washed as well. They’ll be covered in dust as they’re exposed to the outdoors whenever the window is open.

Use Dryer Sheets

You probably have dryer sheets lying around for when you have to do laundry. DIY an air freshener by placing a dryer sheet in front of a pedestal fan.

Avoid Eating in the Space

Don’t eat in your room. For one, the odors from your food would linger. You may drop crumbs all over the place. These pieces of food would go bad which would cause an unpleasant smell and attract ants.

Get Rid of Dust

Regularly cleaning your room is important, as dust would collect otherwise. Not only would your breathing be affected, but there would be a stench too. Dust is made of debris and dead skin after all.

A lot of dust would make it harder for your dehumidifier and your AC/heater to work. Their filters would be clogged.

When feather dusting, a tip would be to start from the top and work to the bottom. Dust won’t collect and go everywhere then.

Have Some Plants

There are many benefits of having plants in a space. To begin with, certain species are capable of neutralizing odors. Some plants smell really great too, so they’ll add a nice scent to the room. Plants are also natural air filters. They take in any toxins and carbon dioxide during photosynthesis to put out cleaner air.

The presence of plants in the space would also make it look more welcoming.

Spray Perfume

Instead of using diffusing oils, melting wax, and spraying air fresheners, you could spritz a perfume you like into the air. The scent you get from a perfume would be refined and fresh. Just know that it won’t last very long.

Clean the Floor

The dorm floor catches whatever is in the air. You and your roommate may have tracked in mud a couple of times as well.

A dirty floor would give off a musty smell. Cleaning it won’t be hard. You only need a mop and water.

There are many ways you could keep your dorm room smelling great. Get an essential oil diffuser. It won’t be the cheapest, but it would diffuse calming scents into the vicinity. What would also help would be a wax Melter. Be sure to keep the room in excellent condition and not eat in it as well – odors could linger. A smart idea would be to bring in some plants. They’ll neutralize any odors and make the space look better.

Are Dorm Rooms Furnished?

Are dorm rooms furnished in college?

furnished dorm room

Dorm rooms are furnished to a degree. They would have all the basic items that you need. We discussed what these are below, as well as what you should and should not bring with you.

What Will a Room Have?

There would be a twin bed, desk with chair, bookcase, dresser, trash bin, and message board. You’re likely going to share the room with somebody else. There would be two sets of all the furniture mentioned.

Most dorms have built-in HVAC systems. Bringing a portable heater or AC of your own would be pricey.

You may be wondering if there would be curtains. Expect very standard blinds and curtains. Changing the curtains, the university provided might be a good idea. They would be basic, so a lot of light would come in. Also, changing the curtains in a room can transform the way it looks. You can make the space look homely.

You’re allowed to decorate and change the orientation of the furniture. However, you aren’t allowed to nail things to the wall. You’ll have to use safety tacks and tape if you want to hang anything.

The furniture that the university provides can’t be removed. Many students think about swapping the chairs in the community spaces with the ones in their rooms. You’ll get in trouble if you do this.

Also, dorms have wall-to-wall carpeting. Removing it is not allowed.

Of course, there would be fire detectors installed. Your residential assistant could terminate your housing contract if you cover them or take their batteries out.

How Do You Buy Furniture for Your Room?

Don’t buy anything unless you know the exact dimensions of your dorm. Due to the limited space, try and get items that take up more vertical space than horizontal.

Technically, anything can be bought, as long as it doesn’t go against the campus housing rules. If you’re not sure whether you can bring something, speak to your residential assistant.

College students don’t have a lot to spend. Buying furniture second-hand would be smart. Garage sales are an excellent place to look.

How Are Dorm Rooms Laid Out?


There would be one bed. The only way for you to get a single room is if you request one. Your request would only be granted if you need a space of your own.

Although you’ll be living alone, you have to share a bathroom, laundry room, and dining hall with the others in the building.


Doubles are the most common choice for freshmen. You won’t feel overwhelmed living with so many people, and you won’t feel lonely, as someone else would be around.

Most colleges randomly pair students up. However, you can request a roommate if you have someone in mind.

There would be two twin beds but most schools let you swap the twin beds for bunk beds.

The bathroom, laundry room, and dining hall will be shared with the others in the building.


There would be one bunk and one regular twin bed. If it’s a quad room, there will be two bunk beds instead.

Are you an outgoing person? Requesting for a triple or quad dorm might be ideal. You’ll never feel lonely.


Suites connect different rooms together. You can think of them as large apartments. The most basic suites consist of two singles. There would be a shared hall and bathroom. Some suites have kitchens attached too.

There can be up to 4 people living together. There would be two singles with bunk beds. Certain suites can have up to 6 people living in them, as there would be 3 rooms with bunk beds.

What Should You Bring to College?

Everything that we have discussed below is quite general. Different schools have different rules about what you can bring.


Dehumidifiers are easily the best thing to bring with you. Dorms are small without much ventilation, so they can be humid. The excess moisture would cause you to sweat more. There would also be a mildew stench. Now, dehumidifiers can be pricey. Split the bill with your roommate.


University housing won’t provide linen. There won’t be restrictions on the type of bedding or pillowcases that you can get.

Get hold of high-quality cotton bedding. The sheets would be breathable, so you won’t sweat a lot when it gets hot.

Pedestal Fan

Portable air conditioners are expensive. Getting a pedestal fan might be a better idea. You can point it at your window to create a cross-breeze. This would create an AC-like cooling effect.

Electric Kettle

College housing won’t let you have a coffee maker. We’ve discussed why this is below. For all coffee lovers out there, all is not lost. You can purchase an electric kettle. You will be able to make all sorts of hot drinks.

What Should You Not Bring to College?

Anything With a Heating Element

Products with open heating elements won’t be allowed. This isn’t surprising, as fires could break out. This would not only put your life in danger, but everyone in the building would be at risk too.

If your college does let you keep items with open heating elements, there would be several rules in place. What you brought might have to be a certain size and wattage.

Examples of items that would be restricted are:

  • Candles
  • Slow cookers
  • Grills
  • Stoves
  • Toasters
  • Irons
  • Mini fridge

Everything provided on the list has open heating elements except for mini-fridges, so you might be wondering why they aren’t allowed. After all, they cool food. They can heat up when overworked.

Many students complain about the less-than-great food they have at university. The lack of basic appliances is one of the reasons why.


Don’t waste your money buying a TV. Dorms are small, so a TV might not even fit. Televisions are also major distractions.


There probably won’t be rules about owning a blender. However, you should not bring one. They make a lot of noise. College dorms have thin walls, so you would disturb others.


You’ll have most of your meals in the dining hall. If you’re going to eat in your room, it would most likely be take-out. There is no need to have dishware and pots or pans.

Desktop Computer

Do you have a gaming PC back home? Don’t take it to college. It would take up a lot of space. Moreover, desktop computers are noisier than laptops. They also produce a lot of heat. Dorms don’t have the best ventilation, so the heat would be trapped inside and make it uncomfortable for you.

The university would provide you with all the basic items. This will include a bed, desk, dresser, and trash bin. You could buy more items if you like, but they could take up too much space and look cluttered. A dehumidifier is one of the best things you could buy.

It would make your dorm more comfortable when it gets hot. You can split the bill with your roommate if it’s too pricey for you. Meanwhile, a TV would be one of the worst things you could purchase. It would be a huge distraction and take up a lot of space.

How to Cool Down a Dorm Room

college room check

Wondering how to cool down a dorm room (without ac)? Keeping a dorm cool without an AC might seem hard. Unfortunately, the units are expensive. Even if you did have the cash for one, campus housing may not let you install an AC in your room.

How would you cool the dorm when it gets hot? There are several things you can do, and the majority of these solutions won’t cost you much.

How Do You Cool a Dorm Room Fast?

We’ve run through tips that would help tackle the heat immediately.

Reverse Your Ceiling Fan

Check your ceiling fan’s product description. You might be able to get it to turn counterclockwise. The heat in the room would be expelled.

When it gets colder, ceiling fans turning clockwise would distribute warmth better.

Cover the Windows

The windows should be covered during the day. The heat outside would be blocked from coming in. Instead of curtains, honeycomb blinds would work too.

Shut Unused Rooms

How big is your dorm suite? There may be several rooms that are connected. When one of them is not being used, close it. You can prevent the heat from the space circulating. Before you close the room, cover the windows to make sure less heat comes in from the outside.

Buy a Pedestal Fan

Pedestal fans are not expensive. They won’t bring a lot of cool air to the dorm. However, they would keep you cool.

DIY Air conditioner

Air conditioners are expensive, but you can make one yourself. All you need is a plastic bag, a pedestal fan and ice cubes. You need to fill the bag with the ice and tie it over the fan. Have the fan oscillate or only be directed towards you.

Exhaust Fans

Most dorms have exhaust fans. Once turned on, they will drive out the heat.


If there’s a lot of moisture inside a room, the temperature inside would increase. The combination of heat and humidity would make you feel uncomfortable. A dehumidifier will be your saving grace.

Create a Cross breeze

How many windows are there in your dorm? Creating a cross breeze would cause heat to exit. Open windows that are preferably facing each other. One fan should be blowing air at the window (outwards), while the other should blow air from the window (inwards).


You might not realize it, but appliances create heat. You can’t avoid using the dishwasher, fridge or washing machine. However, you can make things easier by not using them during the hottest parts of the day.

Speaking of tech, look at your laptop and any peripherals. Not having them on all the time would limit the heat produced.

Be Alone

When it’s hot, the worst thing you could do is be around a lot of people. Everyone produces and radiates heat. Grouping together would result in more warmth generated.


Ways To Make My Dorm Room Cooler?

Having discussed several ways to cool down dorms fast, what are some things you can do that won’t be as immediate?

Open Windows at Night

Once the sun has set, the temperatures would become cooler. Open your windows at night. This would allow heat to escape, and cool air to come in.

Incandescent Lights

Incandescent lights are not the best to have. They produce a copious amount of heat. It would be better to switch to LED bulbs. The change won’t be pricey, so there’s nothing stopping you.

Several types of incandescent bulbs in the US have been phased out. Your dorm may be old – and it could still have these old-fashioned bulbs installed.

Improve insulation

Without an air conditioner, you might think that it will be hard to cool down your dorm. However, insulating the space would help create an incredibly cool environment.

There are many ways you can insulate a dorm. The easiest is to use thick curtains over the windows. Something more extreme would be swapping the windows placed for options with thicker glass.

Eliminate Drafts

If the dorm you’re living in is old, there might not only be incandescent bulbs, but also cracks in the doors and windows. They would cause heat to enter. Getting them sealed would result in the space being cooler.

Speaking of gaps, the gap at the bottom of the doors may be too big. Draft stoppers would be needed.

Sleep on the Floor

Sleeping in a warm room is uncomfortable, especially if you have to wake up early for class. Heat rises, so think about placing your mattress on the floor. Although this won’t make the room cooler, it would help you feel better.

Another thing that could help would be to get different sheets. 100% cotton sheets are breathable. So sleeping on cotton sheets would result in you feeling less warm. Make sure that your pillows are cotton as well.

Cooking Time

You might be able to cook in your suite. When it’s hot, using the oven would be a bad idea because the warmth would radiate. Think about eating something light like a salad – it would feel fresh, so you’ll feel less uncomfortable.

Sleeping Position

Let’s talk about how you sleep again. You should spread your body out – you can increase the surface area for warmth to leave your body. You’ll feel especially cool if you sleep on the floor.

How to Deal with Hot Dorms?

There may be several reasons why your dorm is hot. For starters, it might not have the best ventilation. This means heat can’t escape.

The number of appliances present could also make the room warm. As mentioned, dish washers and computers generate heat. Monitor how often they are turned on.

Although electronics produce heat, they wouldn’t make your dorm as warm as incandescent lightbulbs. Be sure to switch to LEDs.

Most dorms have exhaust fans. Unfortunately, yours may not work. Campus housing would deal with the problem free of charge.

The position of the room may be causing it to get hot too. It may face the front of a building that’s reflecting heat. The only solution would be to switch rooms. Your RA could help with this. If there are a lot of trees by your dorm, they would absorb heat. They’ll produce oxygen which has a cooling effect. Sadly, there may not be that many trees or large bushes near your dorm.

How Do You Insulate a Dorm?

Without an AC, the best way to stay cool is by insulating the space. We touched a bit on how you can do this above. Just get a thick curtain to block light coming in. However, you can use a comforter as well.

You can also place bubble wrap. Tape the plastic over the windows with painter’s tape. Make sure there is a small gap between the windows and the wrap. It would act as an air barrier, not letting heat enter or escape.

When it comes to tackling heat in a dorm, there are many things you can do. Using ACs would be the best, but they are pricey. That said, see if any of these issues are making the room warm:

  • Poor ventilation
  • Dated lightbulbs
  • Buildings reflecting heat
  • Lack of insulation
  • Lack of trees

How To Hang a Hammock in a Dorm Room?

How To Hang a Hammock in a Dorm Room

Due to the small dimensions of your dorm room, you probably don’t have too much of space for any furniture aside from your bed. Needless to say, this can get pretty annoying. The solution, of course, is to hang a hammock up.

Of course, hanging a hammock in your dorm can be a tad bit tricky. For one thing, hammocks are traditionally meant to be outdoors. Then, there is also the fact that most dorms aren’t built with the same elements as most residential spaces.

Due to this, there is going to be a little bit of creativity involved. On this note, let’s get started:

Check Your Dorm Guidelines

First things first, you will need to check with your RA whether or not a hammock is allowed inside your room. Now, most dorms won’t specifically ban hammocks. Instead, they will prevent you from hanging heavy loads from specific points in the dorm room.

This is why you should speak to your RA ahead of time. This will give you some idea of where you can and can’t hang your hammock from. Even if you aren’t allowed to drill holes or put weight on any point of the walls, don’t worry!

Below, you can find solutions for all kinds of dorms. So, one way or another, you can definitely get that hammock that you want!

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Find Your Suspension Points

You are going to have to figure out where you want to hang your hammock from. There are limited options in dorm rooms due to the way that they are designed. So, look around to see the best two points.

If you want to hang the hammock from one wall to another, then you will need to see if there are appropriate anchor points. You will be attaching your hammock hardware to these. In turn, the hammock hardware will hold your hammock in place.

When looking for your ideal spot, you have to find studs into which you can fix your hammock hardware to. When looking for studs, make sure to choose wooden ones. Your regular stud finder will show you where the wooden ones are mounted as well.

While metal ones may seem more durable, they are considered to be an important structural component of your dorm building. So, if one of these studs gets damaged from you using it, it can cause a significant problem. Not to mention, this can be quite expensive to fix as well.

Consider the Placement

Once you have some options for where your hammock can potentially go, your next move will be to figure out the placement inside your dorm room. Since the hammock will be a permanent fixture, it can’t get in the way of you or your roommate accessing any part of the room.

Then, there is the distance between the two points. The closer the ends are, the greater the sag in the middle of the hammock. If you would like to have the hammock tauter, then you will need to increase the distance between each end.

You will also need to think about how many inches you want your hammock lifted off the ground while you are in it. This will give you an idea of how high up on the wall the hammock hardware should go.

Getting Your Gear

Apart from the stud finder, you will need the following materials for this project:

  • Electric drill with drill bits
  • Chains
  • Eye hooks
  • Carabiners
  • S-hooks
  • Screws

Settings Things Up

Now, let’s move onto the actual process…

Once you have found the studs that you want to drill into, mark the spots clearly with a pencil. Once you have double checked that you have gotten the right measurements, it is time to drill. A small drill bit is best as it will be easier to cover up the hole later on.

Then, push in the screws. Make sure that they are embedded at least 2 inches into the hole that you have drilled. Otherwise, it can easily fall out, taking you and the hammock with it. After the screws have been secured properly, you can use the chain and the S-hooks to the screws.

After this, it is just a matter of fixing the hammock to this ends. You can use the carabiners for this purpose. Make sure that the knots are tight. Test them before getting into the hammock to make sure.

If you don’t have any kind of experience with this kind of project, it is a good idea to get some help. The last thing that you want to do is to cause unnecessary damage to your dorm, especially if you will be liable for it!

Before you set up your hammock, you may want to wander through your dorm. You just might come across someone who has a hammock in their room. You can then ask them to help you out in exchange for food and drink. Who knows, you may even end up making a new friend in the process.

An Easier Alternative

So, what if your RA informs you that you can’t drill holes into your dorm room walls? Well, have no fear as there is a solution for you too!

Do you have a lofted bed in your dorm? If so, this can be the perfect place for you to set up your hammock. You can attach each end of the hammock to the posts on opposing side of your bed. This way, you want have to make any structural changes.

Keep in mind that you do have to be careful with the knots here. You are attempting to tie a knot around a round or square, three-dimensional post. As such, it can be tricky to get a good knot. To make sure that it is tight, check out various knots that you can use for maximum strength and durability.

You could also get a rope kit that you can wrap around the post and then attach the rope to one side of the hammock. You can repeat this with the other side as well. This measure can put less pressure on the posts which is certainly a good thing for the structural integrity of the bed.

What if you don’t want to make any effort at all? Well, you don’t have to if you don’t want to! This is because hammock stands are available to you. As the name suggests, it is a metal frame that holds your hammock for you. Due to this, there is absolutely no set up involved at all.

The only downside here is that these stands do take up some space. So, if your entire goal is to keep the hammock out of the way, then it may not be your best option. On the other hand, if you do have an elevated bed, this isn’t an issue at all.

There you have it, a step-by-step guide to setting up a hammock in your dorm room. Yes, it can seem a bit complicated but as long as you follow the instructions and get the right kind of help, you should be fine. And, there are also plenty of other ways that you can hang up your hammock. So, don’t worry, you can make it happen!

When Do Students Move into Dorms?

When Do Students Move into Dorms

Moving into a dorm can be very stressful. Make it easier by sticking to a plan and staying organized. Knowing when you’d have to move in ahead of time would help you plan things better.

We’ve answered when you’d have to move in, as well as everything that would make the move easier.

When Do You Move in?

Most universities provide specific dates for moving in. The dates make the process easier, as everyone wouldn’t be moving into the building at once.  You can try and request for a change of dates. But you’d need a good reason for this.

When would do the date be? You’d typically have to move in a week before classes start.

Helpful Tips for Moving In

Ready for your big day? The following tips would make things easier.

Read the Guidelines

The college’s housing committee might have sent you some guidelines. Go through them carefully. They would summarize all the procedures you’d need to follow on the big day.

You might not only have to be at the campus on a certain date, but have to arrive at a certain time too.

The guide would specify who to speak to as well as where you should go to register – you won’t be able to get to your room before checking in.

A lot of the time, it would specify the essentials that you’d have to bring.

Dress Appropriately

You may have decided to dress in tight clothes for the occasion. Although first impressions matter, this would not be a smart idea. You’ll be on your feet the whole day, and you’d be carrying a lot of items too. All of this would be hard to do in tight clothes.

Probably the most important thing to do is wear comfortable shoes. This will make being on your feet easier.

Make Friends

Moving in is going to be an emotional experience. It would be the first day of an important journey. This doesn’t mean that you should be emotional in your room all day. You’ll be living with everyone in the building for the foreseeable future – go around and introduce yourself. Remember that a smile goes a long way.

If you wait a while to introduce yourself, friendships and cliques may have already been formed. It’ll be harder to find a place to fit in.

Bring Someone With You

Carrying everything you’ve bought to your room can be hard – have a loved one tag along to help. Moving in would also be an emotional process, so having someone from home would be nice. Having a friend there would especially be useful when trying to set furniture up.

Meet the RA

If the RA hasn’t introduced himself to you yet, find him or her. This is the Resident Assistant, and they would coordinate all the activities in the student housing. You’d get a good idea of what they can help you with, and what would get you in trouble.

Some RAs can be very strict. Getting off on the right foot would be smart.

Don’t Bring Everything

Face it – you won’t be able to bring everything you need; there just won’t be enough space in the car. Bring the absolute essentials and have whatever you can’t carry shipped to you. Have these items shipped before you leave. They would arrive as soon as possible then.

Some items may be important, but you may not need them immediately. You could have your family send them when they’re needed, like winter clothing.

Don’t Use Cardboard Boxes

When packing everything, cardboard boxes would be the worst things to use as storage. For one, you’d have to buy the boxes and it would take time to assemble them. Make things easier for yourself by using bins or laundry baskets.

Once you move in, the baskets and bins could be used as storage space.

Rent a Storage Unit

Dorm rooms are small. You need to be smart with how you utilize the space. Although there are several important items that you’re bringing, the room might not have enough space for them.

What should you do? You can rent a storage locker near campus. There will likely be several units to rent, so look around to find something within your budget.

Examples of what you might be storing in the lockers would be recreational items – surfboards, skis and any gear you’d need for a sport.

Inspect the Space

Take pictures of any problem areas you find in your room. They might have been around for a while, but when you’re moving off-campus, you could be accused of causing the damages.

Some damages may be serious. Notify the RA about them.

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What Should You Bring With You?

The housing guidelines might have specified the essentials you’d need.  Along with these items, having the below items would be smart.

A Tool Kit

To install curtains and any furniture you might be buying, having a tool-kit on deck would be needed. You don’t need a large one.

Think about it, there are so many instances where a tool-kit would come in handy throughout the year.

First Aid Kit

A basic first aid kit instead of something fancy would be fine. At the very least, it should have disinfectant wipes/spray, bandages, over-the-counter pain medication as well as a pair of tweezers.

The chances of your roommate or neighbor having their own first-aid kit would be high, but having one of your own would help you handle the injury quicker.

Let’s summarize. The time you’re moving in depends on the college you’ll be attending. However, it would most likely be a week before classes start. You’d get a designated day, and have to check in before moving into your room. Make sure to bring someone to help you so that moving everything would be easier.

If you’re not happy with the moving in day you have been given, you might be able to change it. You’d have to fill a form and speak to the college of course.

What Dimensions Do Dorm Desks Have?

dimension of dorm desk

Dorms are small so you’d likely be sleeping on a twin or bunk bed to utilize as much space as possible. Whichever college you go to, it shouldn’t surprise you that the desk wouldn’t be that big. Knowing its dimensions would let you figure out how many supplies and personal items you can bring.

A large desk isn’t important. It’s all about how you make use of it. We’ve discussed this and much more below.

How Big Are the Desks?

Expect the table to be around 30 inches in height, 42 inches in width and 20 inches in depth.

Due to how small dorm rooms are, you need to make large furniture pieces multi-functional. It’s common for students to convert their beds into couches. Use your desk not only as a place to study, but as a place to eat and converse.

The desk along with other furniture in the room would be provided. All colleges make it a rule that the furniture cannot be removed.


How Do You Keep an Organized Desk?

Considering that you won’t be getting a lot of space, you’ll need to be smart with how much storage you use. Having an organized desk would be ideal. Here’s how you do it:

No Sticky Notes

Let’s face it, sticky notes are so 2010. The internet is your friend – why don’t you use project management software? You’ll be able to note all the important things you have to do. You’ll get notifications when you need to start working on the tasks.

Sticky notes all over the desk would not only take up space, but they can also look messy.

Go Digital

Whenever there is a digital alternative for something, go for it. Having all of your notes on Microsoft Word instead of in a book would result in less space being wasted. You’d be saving money as you wouldn’t be going through pens and books frequently either.


When moving in, you’ve probably brought things over in bins and storage containers. Place the containers in your desk drawers. They will help you store a variety of material.

Bins that are clear would work the best. You’ll be able to see where things are without moving them around as much.

Laptop Stand

Hunching over the desk will not be comfortable. Your posture wouldn’t be affected as much when using a laptop stand.

As your laptop would be elevated, there would be more space on your desk. You could place more items on it, or you could use the additional space to move your arm freely.

Your Wall

Keep your desk as clutter-free as possible by utilizing wall organizers and dry-erase boards. Not only could you place important documents and to-do lists on them, but also use the organizers as a space to store pictures of home.


Before you panic, we’re not talking about nailing shelves to the wall. No, there are shelves you can add on to tables. They would act as mini cupboards. These are assets, because once you leave the dorm, you can sell them. Freshman are bound the be interested.

The best shelves would take a lot of vertical and not much horizontal space.

Power Outlets

The worst thing to deal with on a small table is cables all over the place. Have one spot to charge everything. There are electronics that would have multiple charging ports, like lamps.

Lamps with several USB ports would be great, as you can get additional light to study better. To help prevent the wires from tangling, you can Velcro them down.

How Do You Decorate Your Desk Space?

Now that you know how to make the desk more organized, why not learn how to make it a more comfortable space to work in?

The first place to start is your chair. No matter how much work has to be done, you’ll have a hard time doing anything if your chair is hurting your back. Instead of buying a new one, you can buy a good cushion.

Have a big project due? Working for hours can leave you unmotivated. Different scents could stimulate your brain to help you keep going. What’s great is that these bottles are small. You might be wondering, why not buy scented candles? Well, dorms have rules against fire hazards.

Speaking of what would keep you motivated, fancy stationary would do the trick too. Something that also helps would be plants. Dorms can feel stuffy, so a plant would liven the space. Have a small potted one by you as you work.

Place something personal on the table. The desk is where you’d be spending a lot of time, so having items that would remind you of home would help whenever you’re feeling down.

Can You Remove the Desk?

You’ll sign a contract that would state that the furniture in the room can’t be removed. Not happy with the desk? You’ll have to pay a fee if you get rid of it. If you don’t, your transcripts may be withheld. You’re not allowed to swap the furniture with anything from someone else’s room or the study area either.

You can’t get rid of the furniture pieces because they’re university property, and also because they’re probably made from flame-retardant material. Whatever is in the room has gone through safety protocols as a result – the furniture you’re bringing in might not be.

Without getting rid of the desk, you could bring the one you want. However, dorm rooms are small. There’s no way you’ll find room for the two of them.

To summarize, the desks in dorm rooms are small. This shouldn’t be a surprise since the spaces are quite tiny. You can expect the table to be around 30 inches in height, 42 inches in width, and 20 inches in depth. If you’re not a fan of how the table in the room looks, you sadly won’t be able to get rid of it. It’s university property, so you’ll have to make do.

How to Get Out of Living in Dorms

get out of dorm

At your college, living in a dorm may be compulsory for the first year or two. One of the reasons colleges do this is because student housing would provide experiences for students to grow. Although this is true, it can be very expensive to live on campus.

Many people think that getting out of campus living is tough. There is thankfully a way around it, and we discussed it below.

How Do You Get Out of Living in The Dorm?

You might need to have family living close to the university. How close they would need to be depends on the college. The distance most of the time would be around 40 miles. You can live with them and commute to class.

If you don’t want to live in the dorms, but don’t have family nearby, what do you do? You could have a living space rented within the specified distance. Have your family say that it’s their home, or the residence of a guardian.

Once the application to live off-campus has been sent, the chances of getting it approved are not always high. You might have to state the reason why you’ll be living with a family member. If you’re suffering from an anxiety disorder, sharing a dorm room may not be the best idea.


Why Live Off-Campus?

When colleges state that living in their dorms provide opportunities to grow, they’re not wrong. However, there is a number of reasons living off-campus would be a better idea.

Save Money

Most of the time, colleges make it a rule for students to live in dorms so that they can make a profit. An apartment shared among friends would be much better for your wallet.

Lack of Loud Noises

Dorms tend to have thin walls. The chances of you hearing what the others on the floor are up to would be high. When you have an important exam the next day, this is not what you want.

An apartment’s walls would be thicker. The people in the building wouldn’t be kids your age either, so you wouldn’t hear music being blasted at odd-hours.

You Make the Rules

Living in a dorm means that you’ll be subject to the campus housing rules. They could be strict, and your RA may heavily enforce them. For example, you may be over the age of 21, but the chances of you being able to drink in the dorm would be low.

Having a place of your own means that there would be no rules. Dorms would likely be segregated according to gender. With your own place, you could have members of the opposite sex over whenever you want.

No Bad Room Mate(s)

The roommate you’ll be sharing the dorm room with may not be nice. Unless you have a good reason, it would be hard to get your application to switch rooms approved.

Superb Privacy

Having a place of your own would feel much better than sharing a room with others. The privacy would not only be appreciated, but it might be necessary if you’re going through some physical or mental problem.

Helpful Tips When Choosing Off-Campus Housing

There are probably many apartments to choose from. How do you know which would be the most worth your time? The following points can help.

Live Nearby

Make sure the space you’re renting would be well within the designated location limit. The closer you are to campus, the better. You’ll be able to get to class easily and dealing with short trips would help you get more study time.

Remember that your rent depends on the location you’ll be in. You could find a great place for a much lower price a couple of neighborhoods away.

Avoid Expensive Rent

Paying for tuition would be expensive and you probably don’t want to spend thousands on a lease. What would make rent cheaper would be living in the apartment with roommates.

If you look around, you’ll find that there are third-party dorms that accommodate students. They’d be more affordable than college housing.

Get a Good Room Mate

When you’re living on campus, you wouldn’t have a say in who you’ll be sharing a room with. You could apply for a room transfer, but your college might reject it. Having a place of your own means that you can be picky about who you’re living with.

Not only should the roommate be someone that you get along with, but they need to be able to pay the rent too.

Find A Decent Landlord

You probably don’t have much experience living on your own. Having a great landlord would make things easier. If there’s ever any issues with the plumbing or wiring, he or she would help.

A difficult landlord is not what you want. The apartment may have some damages that have been there for a while. As you’re just a college student, they might try and blame you for the damages so that you pay for them.

Analyze Your Lease Contract

Although the space may be great, the lease contract may not be. Unless you read it closely, you might miss hidden fees.

The lease may have a lot of stipulations that you may not be expecting. It would explain parking policies, pet policies, lease termination and more.

Let’s summarize. Living in the college’s dorms would most likely be compulsory for the first year or two. If you choose to live on campus, you’ll have some great memories and have opportunities to grow as a person. However, you’ll also be met with hefty housing fees. Not living in the college dorms can be done by moving to a family member’s home nearby. If you don’t have family living in the area, you could rent a space and get your family to say that it’s their place.

Along with these, some of the other reasons’ college make campus-living compulsory is because you can get help with studies, and take part in school activities with ease.