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How to Get Out of Living in Dorms

get out of dorm

At your college, living in a dorm may be compulsory for the first year or two. One of the reasons colleges do this is because student housing would provide experiences for students to grow. Although this is true, it can be very expensive to live on campus. Many people think that getting out of campus … Read moreHow to Get Out of Living in Dorms

How to Turn Dorm Bed into Sofa?

turn dorm bed into sofa

Even the largest dorms are small compared to living spaces in apartments and houses. You’d want to utilize as much space as possible. What would help you do this would be finding multiple uses for large furniture. This would not only let you be efficient with space, but you’d be saving more too. Turning your … Read moreHow to Turn Dorm Bed into Sofa?

How to Make a Dorm Room Cozy

Make a Dorm bed more comfortable

Moving into a dorm room can be a bit jarring for most students. After all, you are used to the creature comforts of your home for your entire life. So, moving into a small and sparse space can be a bit of a letdown. The good news is that there are a lot of ways … Read moreHow to Make a Dorm Room Cozy