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Is College Biology Hard?

college biology is hard

Is College Biology Hard? This depends on who you speak to. Studying biology in college can be challenging, as there is a lot to memorize. However, if you’re very organized, it won’t be that difficult. We’ve not only discussed how you can make the class in question easier but whether you should even take it. … Read moreIs College Biology Hard?

Torrenting on College WiFi

torrenting on college wifi

Wondering if torrenting on college Wi-Fi is allowed? Most likely, it won’t be. There is also a chance that your country has strict copyright laws. Getting caught torrenting could result in a hefty fine. Discussed below are all the risks you’ll face if you’re caught illegally downloading videos, as well as what you can do … Read moreTorrenting on College WiFi

Are Campus Police Armed?

college police

Since educational institutions have been targeted for violent behaviour in the past, many colleges and higher education institutions have taken it upon themselves to have armed police within campus premises to ensure the safety of their students. While some people might be intimidated by this decision or wonder if it is absolutely necessary, incidents that … Read moreAre Campus Police Armed?

Do Colleges Have Dress Codes?

college dress code

A lot of students who are looking forward to their first year in colleges are likely to wonder if colleges have dress codes. most higher education institutions, including colleges, do not have a specific dress code. The clothes you will wear in college will be less restricted by rules and will be more determined by … Read moreDo Colleges Have Dress Codes?

Do Colleges Have Prom?

22nd birthday

Your life in college is really different than what you have imagined. There are unexpected parties, friendships, rivals, insecurity, debts and all kinds of emotions. College is all about friends and getting exposed to new things. Now-a-days, there are no ‘roaring parties’ in in colleges, as these are organized in confined places which are planned … Read moreDo Colleges Have Prom?

Having a Cat in College

have a cat in college

Cats are some of the most popular pets on the planet. They are cute, they are cuddly, they have a purr that melts the heart and they aren’t too hard to take care of. What’s not to love about them? There are several pros and cons of having a cat in college. Having a cat … Read moreHaving a Cat in College