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Should I Bring A TV to College?

valuable safe in dorm room

Should I bring a tv to college? Bringing a TV to college might not be a good idea. You’d be distracted often. There are several other reasons you’d be better without one. If you’re set on having a television, we’ve talked about whether they’re allowed, where you can place one, and more about college-dorm appliances. … Read moreShould I Bring A TV to College?

How to Meet Women after College

meeet women after college

Wondering how to meet women after college?  Meeting women after college is not difficult – you have your whole life ahead of you. In fact, there are several benefits of not dating while at university. We’ve talked about this, as well as how you can meet people after graduating. How Do I Find People to … Read moreHow to Meet Women after College

How to Make Dorm Bed More Comfortable

Make a Dorm bed more comfortable

College students moving into their first dorm are often met with an unfortunate surprise – the school-issued beds are incredibly uncomfortable. Well, it isn’t the bed, precisely, that is so uncomfortable. Rather, it is the mattress. See, these mattresses are mass produced with little focus on comfort. Instead, colleges are only interested in acquiring durable … Read moreHow to Make Dorm Bed More Comfortable