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Does Respondus Record You?

An increasing number of colleges are using Respondus Lockdown Browser and Respondus Monitor to conduct examinations. However, do these applications actually record you while you are taking your exam? If so, how much of the exam is recorded? You can have these questions, and more, answered for you below: Does Respondus Record You During Your … Read moreDoes Respondus Record You?

Is Course Hero Cheating?

Heard all about Course Hero and how helpful it can be? If so, you may want to use it but want to guarantee that you aren’t doing something wrong by using the site. Here, you will be able to determine if using Course Hero is considered cheating or not: Is Using Course Hero Considered Cheating? … Read moreIs Course Hero Cheating?

Is Quiz Star Safe?

If you are a teacher wanting to use Quiz Star or are a student who has a teacher that uses the platform then it is only natural to wonder if it is safe. Is this an appropriate tool for teachers or students to be using? Here is all that you need to know about this … Read moreIs Quiz Star Safe?

Is Honors Chemistry Hard?

Are you considering taking Honors Chemistry? Before you do, you need some background information on the topic – in particular, you need to understand just how difficult this class may be. Here is all the information that you need to determine how tricky this class is: Is Honors Chemistry Difficult? This does depend on the … Read moreIs Honors Chemistry Hard?

Is Chegg Worth It?

Need some help with college homework, assignments, or studying and wondering if Chegg is the answer? Considering the price tag is this an investment you should make? Here is how to figure out if Chegg is worth your money… Is Chegg Worth the Investment? The Chegg Math Solver is the most worthwhile investment with Chegg … Read moreIs Chegg Worth It?