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Do Colleges Have Homecoming?

Do Colleges Have Homecoming?

If you are making the transition from high school to college, you are probably aware that it can be a very different experience. At the same time, you may be wondering if there are some events that stay the same, like a homecoming.

Here is what you need to know about homecoming in college and what it may look like for you:

Do Colleges Host Homecoming?

Every college and university is different – as such, some will have homecoming events while others may not, it will all depend on the tradition – you should be aware that homecoming events in universities are quite different from high school and often don’t feature a dance.

What is Homecoming Like in College?

Homecoming in college is quite different from that in high school. However, there is one thing that they have in common. This is the big football game.

This tends to be the season opener and the game is front and center. Remember that college football is a big deal. If you attend a college with a really good team, then it isn’t just going to be students attending the game. You may find people from all over the state coming down.

The other thing to be prepared for is that unlike in high school, homecoming does attract a lot of alumni. These may be people who have graduated recently or left several years before. The promise of a football game and tons of events will have many of them descending upon the school.

If you live in a college town where the college is the main focus, it is quite normal to have a parade. This procession starts early in the morning and may last for quite a while. Prepare to have everyone join in on the fun.

In some cases, there are plenty of activities associated with homecoming week. Some places may have a fair with games, activities, and lots of food. While students are the primary attendants, anyone may be welcome.

Are There College Homecoming Dances?

In high school, the homecoming dance is a highlight. What’s more, everyone waits in anticipation for the homecoming king and queen. It isn’t like this in college.

For one thing, there is unlikely to be a dance during the week-long celebration. Sure, there will be a lot of smaller parties scattered throughout the week but there isn’t anything formal about it.

These parties tend to be organized by the students themselves. In some cases, they may be put together by fraternities or sororities.

Due to this, the parties tend to be wilder and a lot more adult-like. You may also find each party going on for a much longer period of time too.

Some colleges do recognize homecoming kings and queens but it isn’t as much of a big deal. People are certainly not competitive about it. The nominations may be announced during one of the events taking place in the week.

What Kind of Events Will There Be During Homecoming Week?

A lot of clubs take this opportunity to host events. As you are well aware, there are many different kinds of clubs in college so there are tons of events to choose from.

The exact kind of event will depend on the club. Some may showcase what they have done the previous year, put on shows or galleries, or just have one big party. If there is a party, it is likely to have a theme or a purpose that is related to the club.

The campus may also put on a show of sorts. While this is usually a big football game, there may be plenty of other entertainment options. You may even find that there is a concert.

The entertainment may be hosted by the student. In some cases, though, a minor celebrity or a professional may take over these duties.

Does Anything Academic Happen During Homecoming?

Yes, it is a college campus after all!

However, the schedule may be a bit different. For instance, you may have the opportunity to hear a lecture from someone other than your professor. It could be former alumni talking about their experiences or someone who has achieved something impressive.

Some professionals or experts may provide advice in a particular field or career. If you would like to follow in their footsteps, this can be a great time to get some one-on-one attention from them.

You may also find that there will be discussions or presentations of ideas. These may involve you listening to how a particular field has evolved. Or, it could be talking about the progression of a particular field.

Is Homecoming in College Worth Attending?

It absolutely is! In fact, most college students would agree that it is one of the most fun and exciting times of the year. There is just so much to do.

It can also be a great way to get all your partying out of the way so that you can buckle down for the upcoming semester.

Of course, if you are an introvert, it can seem a bit overwhelming. In this case, you can try to attend just a few events or one big one. You can also stay away from events where the whole town is likely to join in.

Consider all that your campus is offering you and look at the ones that most closely align with your interests. You may want to pay particular attention to the clubs as it can be easier to narrow down your search.

Then, sign up and enjoy. While you can give homecoming week a skip, it would be a shame to do so as it is a pretty important part of your college experience. You should try it at least once!

Does College Celebrate Homecoming?

Yes, colleges do celebrate homecoming but they often do so in a very different way – as such, it is going to look quite different from your high school experience – there is unlikely to be a dance with events and activities taking its place instead.