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Does Life Get Better After College?

Does Life Get Better After College?

Does life get better after college? Many college students ask this question as they have just completed a significant chapter in their life. There are many ways life improves after you graduate. However, there are also some ways it does not get better. Let’s discuss everything below.

Money Buys Happiness

Life as a college student is hard, mainly because of the lack of money. University is expensive, so every cent you earn might go towards funding your education.

Once you finish your degree and start working, you would make quite a bit of money. You’ll be able to live more comfortably, especially as the years go by and you start to earn more.

You Will Be More Independent After College

In college, you’re probably more independent than when you were in high school. However, you would still be taken care of by your university and your parents to an extent. You won’t have to enter the “real world” until you graduate.

When you start your “new” life after college, the freedom can be overwhelming, but you’ll quickly appreciate it. You can go anywhere and do anything – dating after college might be a good idea, if you are still single.

While on the topic of entering the “real world,” you’ll eventually settle down and start a family. Marriage and kids will make you feel fulfilled.

Dating Would Be Easier

Because of how stressful college is, dating can be tricky. Unless you frequently go to parties, your social circle would be small. When you’re free to do what you want after you complete your studies, you can spend ample time meeting new people.

As class schedules won’t restrict you, you can take trips abroad and travel the world. You’ll be able to meet and date people from all over the world. This is especially true since there are a range of dating apps available.

You Can Finally Start Your Career

While doing your degree, you will spend 3-4 years studying to prepare you for your career. Once you finish it, you would finally be able to enter the field that you wanted. This would be fulfilling if it’s been your dream job since you were a kid.

There Will Be No More Studying

The stress of university is one of the worst things you could experience. You’re constantly juggling studying for tests, doing assignments, and trying to maintain a social life. Most likely, you would never have to experience pressure like this once you graduate.

Not doing well in your exams can also be hard, as you would start to doubt yourself if you’ve been working hard but don’t get the results you were expecting.

Also, you may not like some of your college professors. You would never have to deal with them again once you graduate.

What’s more, you may have been in your program on a scholarship. This can be stressful, as you would need to score perfect grades or you’d lose your funding.

You Will Have a Wider Social Circle

You have spent 3-4 years seeing the same people every day. Although you feel close to them, you might be ready to meet some new faces. Once you finish your degree and enter the real world, you would meet all kinds of new people.

Your circle would get wider if your new friends introduce you to their friends, and goes on.

You Can Make Drastic Changes

Campus rules would restrict you from doing many things you might want to experience. If you want to make a significant change in your life, you might not be able to.

Also, with how busy you would be in university, you may not have time to stop and concentrate on the changes you want to make.

After you graduate, you can spend some alone time and really focus on yourself. This would help you understand yourself better.

No One Cares About Your GPA

Throughout high school and university, you would have had to worry about getting a good grade point average. After you finish your degree and get a job, no one will care about your GPA. This would be a sigh of relief if you didn’t score as well as you wanted.

What’s more, you probably won’t have to worry about scoring good grade point averages again, as going to college is the last time most people study in their lives.

How May Life Not Get Better After College?

There are many ways your life would improve. However, we also have to discuss new challenges you might face.

New Responsibilities

The fact that you’ll be entering the “real world” can be exciting, but being an adult and having so many responsibilities is stressful. This would especially be true when you start a family of your own.


Yes, you would be leaving behind the stress of university, but the pressure of a job can also be tough. You’ve probably not faced this kind of responsibility before. Moreover, the field you’re thinking of entering may be competitive. If it’s the medical or law field, you will have to work long hours.

Friends Get Busy

At first, you would probably make many friends after you leave college. However, as the years go by, your new friends would become busy with their lives. Your circle would become smaller.


Right after you graduate, you won’t make as much cash as you like. You will only start making a lot after a couple of years in the field. Sadly, there is a chance that you may not end up making a lot at all. With having to pay bills, this won’t end well.

Final Thoughts

For the most part, life will get better after leaving college. For example:

  • You would start to earn
  • You will enter the “real world”
  • You will meet new faces
  • No more staying up all night studying
  • No more worrying about a GPA
  • Dating would become easier

That being said, there are also some challenges you will face. Being an adult has its advantages, but you’ll have to worry about paying bills, taxes, and the pressure of having a job.