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How to Find Parties in College?

How to Find Parties in College?

Wondering how to find parties in college? Finding parties in college is not hard – there would at least be one happening every few weeks. As you can imagine, the frequency of parties depends on the school you’ll be attending. We’ve discussed this and more.

Do All Colleges Have Parties

Colleges are full of kids away from home. It’s no surprise that the parties hosted by them would be intense.

As mentioned, the frequency of parties would depend on the school you’ll be attending. You can class schools into three:

  • Small party schools
  • Moderate party schools
  • Intense party schools

Small Party Schools

Some schools have serious academic environments, so they would have the least parties. Their students would be more focused on staying on top of their studies than having fun.

Schools that aren’t that large wouldn’t have as many parties either. Everyone already knows each other, so there would be less parties. The students attending these colleges would just want to hang out.

Moderate Party Schools

Moderate party schools have thriving social events. And there would be enough students for parties to take place each night. However, the party culture in these universities may not be that intense. This stops raves from constantly taking place.

Attending a moderate party school might be a good idea. You’ll be able to balance studies as well as have fun.

Intense Party Schools

These schools have thousands of students, as well as a party culture that results in raves often. Excluding the weekend, you can expect students to go out at least 3 times a week.

You’ll likely find students at these colleges either partying or going for other events.

Many colleges that have intense party cultures are ivy league. Ivy League schools tend to be full of more affluent students. The “work hard, play hard” mentality is common with them.

What Are College Parties Like?

To answer this question, we have to take a look at the different types.

Frat Parties

When you think of college parties, frat parties are the most common. They are exactly how you imagine them. There would be a lot of loud music, people dancing and alcohol.

Fraternities almost always let girls in. However, some frats require you to be on a list.

If a guy who’s not a frat brother tries to enter, there is a chance he wouldn’t be let inside.

House Party

A student who attends the school might live in a big house. A college house party would just be like the ones back home. There would be games, beer, and a lot of people socializing. Unlike frat parties, getting in would be easier.

Tail gates

Your school might take its sports teams seriously. Before big games, there would likely be some partying outside the stadium. You can expect good food and beer.


Partying at a club is not something people do in the first year. Mostly because you’ll be underage. But towards the end of a degree, you’ll see several students hitting the clubs on the weekend. It’s especially popular, as you get to dress up.


Although bars require you to be 21+ to drink, some let people who are 18 in. They wouldn’t be allowed to consume alcohol. However, they can still be let inside and have fun.

You might be apprehensive about partying at university. All the types we mentioned involve alcohol, and you might not drink. You may think that this would be a big deal, but you’ll be surprised by how many students don’t drink. However, you can find other ways to have fun.


How to Get Invited To College Parties?

Who would want to miss a college party? You’ll have the most fun ever in your life. To increase your chances of getting into one, make use of the below points.

Befriend Others

There are probably hundreds of students in your class. The chances of at least one of them throwing a party would be high. By getting to know as many people as possible, you can increase the chances of getting invited.

Don’t just get to know the kids in your class. Be social – join clubs and sports teams too.

Be Nice

Let’s say you’ve befriended other kids in your class. Unfortunately, you’re still not being invited to events. What’s going on? Sorry to burst your bubble, but you may not be as fun as you think. The goal is to be someone others would love being around.

Do You Drink?

If you can slam a can of beer down in a gulp, you’re a fun guy. You’ll be someone others would want to be around. Although you don’t have to drink, college parties would have a lot of beer. It would be more fun to invite you than someone who doesn’t consume alcohol.

Be a Party Expert

Do you regularly go to parties? You’ll increase the chances of being invited to others. Talk about how many parties you’ve gone to. You will seem like a pro, so people would know that you’re the guy to invite.

Ask Around

You don’t have to be invited to a party to attend one. Maybe your friends have been invited. You could ask to tag along.

Crash It

Crashing college parties is pretty common. You can easily to do this as most people won’t notice.

Breaking into frat parties is hard, though. Think about it, if you seem like a creep, and girls think that you’re a member of the fraternity, you’ll ruin its reputation.

Is There an App to find College Parties?

Highkey is a popular option. It is a university event app that notifies students of anything fun that is happening around campus. Unfortunately, it’s only available on IOS.

Facebook is great too; you can see friends post about parties. Any other social media would also work.

If your friends post about a party on Snapchat, you would easily be able to find it. You can track them via the app’s map feature.

Do You Have to Be in College to Go to a College Party?

This depends on the type of party in question. You don’t have to be a student to attend a house party. You just have to be friends with the person hosting it. Of course, the chances of knowing someone would be higher if you’re studying at the school.

There’s no way you’ll be able to go to a frat party if you’re not a student. Fraternities are careful about who they let on their premises. And attending a tailgate party would not be possible if you’re not studying at the school either.

All schools have parties. How often and intense the ones there are depends on the university’s social culture. The best place to go would be a college with a moderate party culture – you’ll be able to have fun but also focus on your studies.

In terms of how to get invited, you can increase your chances by being a more social, outgoing person. Be someone others would feel comfortable around. Apps like Highkey would make it easier for you to know if something fun is happening around campus too.