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Questions To Ask During Sorority Recruitment?

Navigating the exciting world of sorority recruitment can feel a bit like a high-energy casual job interview.

It’s a place where first impressions count and communication is key.

It’s not uncommon for college women to feel nervous about what to say during the recruitment process.

Including potential questions to ask during sorority recruitment in your prep work can help steer the conversation and lessen the anxiety.

Remember that the ladies you’re meeting are just trying to make a new friend and get to know you better.

But will having the right questions really ease your recruitment journey?

Questions To Ask During Sorority Recruitment?

Questions About Sorority Life During Recruitment

As a potential new member it’s essential to ask the right questions. One of the 50 good questions you can ask is “What can I gain from becoming a sorority woman?


This will not only increase your chances of getting a bid but also keep the conversation flowing. Asking about the time commitment types of events hosted and when they get a big will show your earnest interest in the sorority life at this college/university.

List of questions:

  • What is the commitment for a new member and an initiated member?
  • What kind of events do you host?
  • When can I expect to get a big?

Getting To Know Sorority Sisters During Recruitment

Meeting the sorority sisters during the Open House Sisterhood Round or Preference Round offers a chance to ask deeper more personal questions.

Consider asking questions about their experience as a sorority woman why they joined their sorority if they are involved in other campus activities or what their majors are. This will show you’re ready to make a connection and are eager to join their ranks.

List of questions:

  • What has been your experience being a sorority woman?
  • How do you balance sorority life with academics and other obligations?
  • Why did you decide to join this sorority?
  • Are any of your sorority sisters involved in other clubs or sports?
  • What are some of your sorority sisters majoring in?

Exploring Sorority Involvement Opportunities

During recruitment major emphasis should be placed on getting to know the opportunities that come along with joining a sorority. This not only keeps the conversation flowing but it also helps to understand the benefits of being part of a sorority.

Here are 50 good questions to ask to dig deeper:

  • What leadership opportunities does the sorority offer to its members?
  • Does the sorority offer academic help/resources?
  • What kind of community service does the sorority engage in?
  • Are sisters involved in other campus activities?
  • What is the time commitment for various sorority activities?
  • How do you balance sorority life with academics?
  • Are there any job/internships opportunities that come with becoming a member?
  • What types of events does the sorority host?
  • What are some of the activities that take place during the sisterhood round?
  • Are there any scholarship opportunities for members?

Understanding The Chapter’s Philanthropy During Recruitment

Being a part of a sorority goes beyond just the fun and sisterhood it also involves contributing to the community. The Philanthropy Round of recruitment is usually where you get to learn about the philanthropic causes the sorority supports.

Here are some key questions to ask:

  • What is your sorority’s philanthropic mission?
  • How does your sorority go about raising money for your philanthropy?
  • Does your sorority participate in Dance Marathon March of Dimes or Autism Speaks?
  • How many hours a month do you spend on volunteer projects?
  • Are your philanthropic events open to the entire campus or just to Greek members?
  • Are there any service activities that all sisters are required to participate in?
  • How did your sorority choose its signature charity?
  • What is the most memorable philanthropy event you have participated in?

Become familiar with the concepts and participate in relevant conversations. Remember asking about philanthropic activities not only shows that you’re interested but also that you are committed to service.

Possible Finances Questions

Entering into a sorority involves some amount of financial commitment. It is always good to be familiar with this fact.

You can ask:

  • What are the dues for this sorority?
  • What is the payment schedule like?
  • Are there any unexpected fees that I should know about?
  • How much will living in the sorority housing cost?

Table of Useful Information

Points of Discussion Potential Questions
Sorority Involvement Opportunities What leadership roles exist within the sorority?
Chapter’s Philanthropic Efforts What charities does the sorority typically support?
Sorority Finances Are there any additional fees apart from the dues?

Balancing Sorority Life And Academics

Joining a sorority is an exciting experience. However one of the essential aspects prospective members must consider is how they plan on balancing sorority life and their academics.

Sorority recruitment is an opportunity to gain insights into how each sorority maintains this balance. Frame your questions to get meaningful answers.

Here are the top five academic-related questions you should ask during sorority recruitment.

  • How does your sorority promote academic success among its members?
  • Does your sorority offer any academic help/resources for members struggling with their classes?
  • What scholarship opportunities do you provide for members who excel in their academics?
  • Are study groups or tutors available within your sorority for challenging courses?
  • Do you have any sisters who are majoring in [insert your major]?

The Importance Of Asking Questions During Sorority Recruitment

It’s crucial to initiate conversations during recruitment. Asking relevant questions keeps the conversation flowing showcases your genuine interest in joining the sorority and increases your chances of being remembered by the sisters.

Here are 50 good questions you can ask to learn more about each sorority:

  1. What do you love most about your sorority?
  2. Can you tell me about a favorite memory you have with your sorority sisters?
  3. What kind of leadership opportunities does your sorority provide?
  4. What community service or philanthropic mission does your sorority support?
  5. What are some traditions special to your sorority?

Make sure each question opens up a conversation rather than just necessitating a yes or no answer. Create room for the sorority sisters to share stories and experiences.

This way your conversations are not just informative but also engaging.