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What Are College Parties Like?

What Are College Parties Like?

With numerous movies and TV episodes dedicated to college parties, it is only normal to wonder what a real-life party in college would be like. Would it be just as exciting or would it be a total dud?

To get your answer, keep reading…

What Should You Expect from a College Party?

There are different types of college parties – small get-togethers, themed parties, frat parties, dorm parties – and the experience can depend on the kind of party that is being thrown – some are more lowkey while others are ragers portrayed in movies.

What Are Small Get-Togethers Like?

This is probably one of the more common types of parties that will be thrown. These are often hosted by people living in larger homes on campus that also come with some backyard space.

As the name implies, the guest list is quite small. It is likely that the host will only invite people that they know. In some cases, plus ones are allowed, but you should always ask the host before inviting anyone else.

These parties are fairly lowkey – sure, there will be music, drinking, and dancing. These parties aren’t really meant to get wild, though.

Instead, it is more about mingling and getting to know people better. So, there will be a lot of talking involved but on the plus side, you will end up making new friends.

As the night goes on and people have a bit more to drink, though, there are chances that the party will become a bit louder.

What Are Themed Parties Like?

These are fairly common parties as well as there are so many themes to choose from. The first rule of attending a college-themed party is to follow the rules of the theme – this is what makes it so fun!

Now, you should know that anyone can throw a themed party. This includes a group of people, a certain club, a frat, or a sorority. In some cases, the college itself may host the party.

Due to this, you can never be sure of how wild this kind of party will get as it is all down to the host as well as who is invited.

For instance, if the school is hosting a party, you can expect a fun but mellow party. This is because alcohol will not be present. Smaller parties can also be pleasant but not really get wild due to the low attendance.

On the other hand, if the party is taking place on more private premises and a fun group of people are in charge of it then these types of parties can get pretty wild. This is especially true if there is no limit to the number of people invited.

What to Expect from a Dorm Party?

Dorm parties aren’t allowed on all campuses – but some schools do allow them. It is difficult to know what you will get with a dorm party.

In some cases, it can be a more intimate gathering that consists of only the people who are invited. At the same time, it isn’t uncommon for the party to spill over to the entire dorm and become a total rager.

This will depend on the hosts as well as how strict the RAs are for that particular building. In short, be prepared for anything and act accordingly.

What are Frat Parties Like?

As you may have already seen from the movies, frat parties are pretty legendary. This can be true in real life as well.

Not only do frats have a reputation to uphold but there are some of the few places on campus where you have a little bit more room and a lot more privacy.

This means that the music is often louder, there is lots more drinking, and far more people around as well. So, if you are looking for an all-out party, then this is your best chance.

Contrary to what the movies have told you, though, frat parties may not be quite as fun as you would like them to be.

For one thing, there are a lot of people crowded into a fairly small space so you can expect little personal space and a lot of mess. On the upside, there is almost always beer pong!

Women are more likely to get into these parties than men – if you are one who wants to get into this party, it is a good idea to get a direct invite from one of the frat brothers.

If you are a woman, you should be careful with your drink. Always fix it yourself and never put it down. There is a high risk of sexual assault at these parties and fraternities in general.

Due to this, always go with a group of friends, stick together, and watch what you drink.

How to Survive a College Party?

It is a good idea to check with the host – or someone else related to the party – about what kind of party it is going to be like.

Even if you’re not 100 percent sure, head to the party anyway. If it isn’t your scene, you can leave after a little while.

It is best to always go with a friend or someone that you trust. This is especially important for women for safety reasons. However, going to a party with a buddy will guarantee that you will have at least some fun.

Getting blackout drunk may be a rite of passage for college students, but there is a time and place. Make sure that you follow the vibe of the party – if it is lowkey then you should follow suit.

It is also best to avoid getting too drunk around people that you may not know very well or if the party is getting a little too wild for your liking.

What to Expect from College Parties?

There are various types of college parties and they each have their own vibe – some like small get-togethers or dorm parties may be a bit more lowkey while frat parties are likely to attract large crowds and a wilder experience.