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What Does “Awaiting Fulfillment” Mean on College Board?

What Does “Awaiting Fulfillment” Mean on College Board?

Wondering what does awaiting fulfillment mean on college board? Don’t worry, it’s nothing serious. Discussed below is what ‘awaiting fulfillment’ means, what you should do after you submit a college application, as well as what a good SAT score would be.

What Does Awaiting Fulfillment Mean?

Awaiting fulfillment means that you SAT scores are being prepared and sent out. When you see “fulfilled”, it means that the school you applied to has received your results.

After the results are released, it can take 5-7 working days for it to reach you. The time it would take to get to your university might differ. However, it would usually get to them 10 days after both your scores are out.

Many students panic when they see “awaiting fulfillment”, as they think something has gone wrong. All you have to do is be patient, however.

What is a Good SAT Score?

In general, an SAT score of around 1200 is deemed as “good”.  A good tip is to score within or over your high school’s middle 50%. This would make you a top-ranking student, which would help with the college application process. Also, you might get a scholarship.

Of course, the program you’re applying to won’t just check your SAT scores. They would look at your resume, attached essays, and GPA too.

Be sure to do as many extracurricular activities in high school. If you’re applying to a competitive course, there would be students who’ve scored as well as you in the SATs. The extracurricular activities you’ve done would affect whether you get accepted or not.

Everything You Need to When Applying to College

Once you’ve sent out your application, there are some points to consider. They include:

The Review Process Can take a While

The method for evaluating applicants depends on the university, as some of them take weighted and unweighted GPAs and convert them into their own point system. It’s safe to say, though, that your application would be reviewed multiple times by several people on the admissions board.

In general, the admissions team will accept your application if they see that enrolling in their course would be best for you and them.

As so many would be going through your application, this is why it can take a while.

Check Your Social Media Accounts

Although you might not think it, your social media account plays a major role in whether you’ll be accepted. Check whether your accounts are public, and if you’ve posted anything inappropriate or not.

If you think a post is questionable, be on the safe side and delete it.

Do Your Research

After you click Submit, you should still stay in the loop. You might have sent your application to a number of universities. However, a controversy may emerge surrounding the school you’ve applied to. If you don’t stay in the loop, you won’t hear about the news, and you might accept the offer letter from them.

Alternatively, one of the schools you’ve applied to may have won a prestigious award. Staying in the loop means you’ll know about this. You will know that accepting this school’s offer letter would be the best.

Take Your Mind off Things

You might have to wait months to hear word about your application. Some people find it tough to wait so long, but the only thing you can do is be patient. Try doing something to distract yourself. Maybe you can go on vacation while you wait? In a month or two, you probably will be college, so now is the best time to see the world.

Hopefully, you applied to more than one course. You wouldn’t have to worry about not going to college, then.

Final Thoughts

As discussed, “Waiting fulfillment” is not as scary as it seems. This would appear when your SAT results have not been sent out yet. Usually, they would take 10 days to be sent after you’ve received them. Once the university in question has received your SATs, the message would become “fulfilled”.

Here are some tips to consider after you’ve applied to a course:

  • Check your social media accounts for any inappropriate posts
  • Be patient
  • Stay in the loop