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What To Wear For Sorority Recruitment?

Dive into the bustling world of sorority recruitment and make a flawless first impression with the right outfits.

As an integral part of an exhilarating yet sometimes daunting process what to wear for sorority recruitment can often feel overwhelming.

Discover the secrets to acing your sorority recruitment fashion for this pivotal moment presenting confidently and connecting with potential lifelong friends.

We have to ask are you ready for this fashion endeavor?

What To Wear For Sorority Recruitment?

What To Wear For Each Round

The defining moment of any sorority recruitment process is understanding what to wear during each specific round. This is vital as recruitment attire creates a good first impression and could determine if you’ll receive a bid card or not.

Sorority recruitment generally involves four separate rounds each needing a unique outfit. The first round also known as the Welcome Round calls for a casual-cute outfit.

This could be your favorite recruitment t-shirt with jeans or a fun skirt. The more you showcase your personal style the better.

Round 1: Welcome Round/Open House

This round can be slightly daunting as it is your official introduction to the sorority house. Therefore opting for a casual but chic outfit is recommended.

You can wear a cute summer dress or perhaps pair some slim pants with a flowy top. Don’t forget the comfy sandals as there will be a lot of walking from house to house.

Round 2: Philanthropy Round

The Philanthropy Round steps it up a notch demanding a slightly dressier outfit. Consider pairing a cute dress with an understated pattern with a denim jacket.

Complement this look with comfy wedges staying true to the casual feel of the event.

Round 3: Sisterhood Round

The Sisterhood Round calls for chic business casual attire. This could include a stylish shift or midi dress.

Don’t shy away from bold jewelry and heels to make your outfit memorable and fancy.

Round 4: Preference Round

Preference Round is undoubtedly the most formal round in the recruitment process. Classic black or white cocktail dresses are usually the go-to choice but colorful dresses can also make you stand out.

Remember the aim is to dress to impress without being over the top.

Bid Day

Bid Day is the culmination of the recruitment process. It’s casual and fun.

You’ll be slipping on a matching t-shirt provided by your new pledge class over your favorite jeans or shorts. So consider comfort above all else.

Open House

The Open House is the first round of the recruitment process. It’s a casual round where you’ll have a brief amount of time to chat with active sorority upperclassmen in each potential house.

Remember comfort is key. Pair a cute summer dress with comfy sandals for a perfect casual look.

Opting for a color-block monochromatic dress is also stylish but comfortable. Alternatively shorts and a simple top could work perfectly for this occasion.

Finally your choice of accessories should complement your outfit while making a statement about your personal style.

Philanthropy Day

On the Philanthropy Round of sorority recruitment you need to step things up a bit in terms of what you wear compared to the Welcome Round. Although the attire is more casual it’s important to dress to impress.

  • This could involve wearing cute skirts or appropriate-length shorts paired with a slightly more formal top or dress.

  • Consider a pair of patterned billowy pants or a chic shift or a midi dress.

  • This round allows potential new members (PNM) to emphasize their interest in the sorority’s cause.

  • According to your university’s Panhellenic website and SororityPackets.com options like a recruitment t-shirt from the Etsy shop paired with denim would also work.

  • The round gets a bit dressier but still maintains a fun and relaxed atmosphere.

Also remember to wear comfortable shoes. You’ll likely shuffle across campus often.


Next up in the sorority recruitment process is the Sisterhood Round. This round portrays the active sorority upperclassmen and shows the sisterhood of each chapter.

It’s more business casual in terms of attire.

  • Bold jewelry and heels work well for this round.

  • You might also like to wear a chic shift or a midi dress.

  • According to the college style guide from SororityPackets.com options like a recruitment t-shirt paired with a fun skirt or jeans would also be appropriate.

  • However avoid anything overly fitted short or low-cut. Instead aim for a look that’s classy and chic.

Select an outfit that best connects with your personal style yet adheres to your school’s requirements. Remember this is your chance to really connect with your sorority girl and make lifelong friends.

Preference Night

Preference night is the final occasion before the selection process. The attire for this event is formal.

  • You’ll want to dress to impress with the Preference Round being an important part of the Sorority Recruitment process.
  • Opt for cocktail dresses rather than ultra-formal wear.
  • Stay away from anything too fitted short or low-cut. The focus is on class and elegance.
  • Classic white or black dresses are typically recommended you can also don a colorful dress.
  • Comfortable and yet chic heels will complete your look.

This is a night to emphasize your interest in the sorority.

Bid Day

Bid Day is a day of excitement and celebration as you receive your bid card from your new sorority.

  • Typically you will wear something that can quickly be slipped over a matching recruitment t-shirt provided by the sorority.
  • Your outfit should include favorite jeans or shorts paired with your new recruitment t-shirt.
  • Comfortable footwear like sandals is recommended as you move between houses.
  • A bag full of makeup and other essential items is also suggested to keep yourself fresh throughout the day.

Remember this is the day when you officially connect with your sorority girl.